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Chapter 253: Must Be an Old Man Who Didn’t Have a Life

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Qiao Chen was lucky there weren’t any surveillance cameras where she and Chen Chen fell.

Qiao Nian asked Chen Chen, too. However, he was too young and wasn’t sure if Qiao Chen pushed him down or if he fell by himself.


Qiao Nian took a deep breath. She felt that Qiao Chen had a strange look every time she mentioned it.

She definitely didn’t look innocent!

Hence, she must be guilty.

[Daji Plays With You: Boss, why are you so obsessed about this? What happened at the staircase on that day? Did some trade happen there? Are you looking for someone?]

Qiao Nian read the message as she walked, reaching the Waterside Loft’s entrance unknowingly. Smiling after reading the message, she then replied to him by typing using her slender fingers.

[sun: A kid fell there.]

[Daji Plays With You: …]

[Daji Plays With You: Are you kidding me?]

[Daji Plays With You: … Is he your child?]


No one in the Red Alliance knew Qiao Nian’s gender. They got together because they wanted to create a hacker alliance so that they could profit from the illegal diamond trades.

Sun was their leader.

None of them knew where he got his diamonds from, they just knew that he was loaded. He was decisive as well, and nothing could make him panic.

Hence, even though they never had a leader, the rest of the hackers started to address sun as boss after a while.

No one would have thought that sun was a girl.

Both Slim Waist Control and Daji Plays With You would address sun as a “he”.

They perceived sun to be a middle-aged boring guy who didn’t like to use emojis and couldn’t understand the latest slang. Sun also didn’t like to go online, or he would suddenly appear in the middle of the night… which sounded like an impotent middle-aged man’s boring lifestyle.

[Daji Plays With You: Alright, I’ll try to use the Eye In The Sky. Boss, you need to contribute as well. There weren’t any surveillance cameras, and it’s hard to investigate.]

The Red Alliance had the “Eye In The Sky” system, the most advanced positioning system. It was the main reason why the Red Alliance was feared. They could use this system to locate someone using the satellites.

An example would be using a photo of you taken from a surveillance camera. They could locate you even if you escaped into the mountains by using a supercomputer linked to a satellite system.

But the system wasn’t all-powerful.

Searching for someone was different from investigating if someone pushed a kid down the stairs at the hospital!

Qiao Nian was aware of that as well. Else, it wouldn’t take so long to investigate the matter. She looked down and replied to him.

[sun: I’m going to start taking drastic measures.]

If she couldn’t find anything, she would force Qiao Chen to expose herself. She had a weakness, after all.

Qiao Chen’s weakness was that she cared too much about her public image and reputation. She was scared of being humiliated in public.

A prime example was today. Didn’t she expose herself because she was so upset from being humiliated?

That’s why she mentioned the piece.

Qiao Chen’s face turned immediately pale.

[Daji Plays With You: Damn, Boss. Has the person taken the bait?]

Qiao Nian closed her eyes as she thought if Qiao Chen’s behavior just now could be counted as taking the bait.

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