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Chapter 251: I Don’t Owe You or the Qiao Family a Damn Thing

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She didn’t know who Master Nie was. She wasn’t close to him. But Yuan Yongqin and the Cheng Feng Corporation were important as it concerned their company’s survival.

Hence, it was important to her.

“Did you know that Dad’s business had been having problems and he wanted to chat with Aunt Yuan? Since you know her, could you ask her to wait for a while after lunch so that Dad could meet her…”

Qiao Nian found it funny how she was still trying to arrange things for her so seriously. She laughed as she looked at how Qiao Chen was so quick at instructing her. She looked up and asked, “Qiao Chen, what makes you think I should listen to you?”


Was it her confidence?

What made her so confident?

Qiao Chen was already angry, to begin with. Her eyes turned cold when she heard her question. She frowned and grumbled. “What do you mean by listening to me? The family is struggling and you have the obligation to help out. You’re so close to her, after all. Since she’s willing to attend your party, it shouldn’t be hard for you to arrange for a meal between Dad and her…”


With how close Qiao Nian was to Aunt Yuan, indeed, it wasn’t hard for her.

But Qiao Chen couldn’t answer the question: why should Qiao Nian do it for the Qiao Family?!

Qiao Chen noticed that Qiao Nian didn’t agree to her arrangements immediately and reminded her. “Sister, don’t forget that you grew up in the Qiao family. Even though we aren’t your real relatives, we treated you well all these years…

“Dad was still worried about you when you left. He even wanted to give you some money, but you rejected him. It doesn’t matter if you found your biological parents, you owe it to us for bringing you up…”


This triggered Qiao Nian, and she snapped. “Bringing me up? Didn’t they raise me so that I could donate blood to you every month?”

Since when did Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi take care of her? If it wasn’t for Qiao Chen and that they needed Qiao Nian for her blood, they would have abandoned her a long time ago.

Qiao Chen’s face flushed as the ugly truth was exposed. She clenched her fists and screamed. “But they brought you up! You owe it to them! What’s wrong with helping them now that you have the ability to do so? Can’t their efforts in raising you all these years match up to a favor from you?”

She thought Qiao Nian wouldn’t reject it as long as she was still a little attached to the Qiao Family.

Who knew.

“Yup, it can’t match up.”

Qiao Chen fell silent.

Qiao Nian just wanted to take a break from the booth and didn’t want to continue arguing with her in the washroom. She slipped her hands in her pockets and said, “I already paid back Qiao Weimin and the Qiao Family for raising me. To me, I don’t owe you or the Qiao Family a damn thing. As for you…”


Qiao Chen’s eyelids twitched. She wanted to rebuke Qiao Nian. However, she couldn’t bring herself to speak when she looked Qiao Nian in the eye.

She felt that Qiao Nian wasn’t lying.

She really paid them back for raising her.

Hence, she didn’t have to treat them like previously.

But… Why did she change so quickly… It was so quick that she wasn’t prepared for it.

But she wasn’t prepared for what Qiao Nian said next.

“Do you recall that I told you I could bring you to success and I could bring you to failure as well! I wasn’t kidding. I have investigated what happened in the hospital.”


She was reminded of what happened in the hospital that day.


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