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Chapter 25: Everyone Is Here

In the outpatient office of Nanyuan Dermatologist, a line of people stood with Old Master Jiang.

The brothers Jiang Zongnan and Jiang Zongjin were present too.

They walked in hand in hand.

Jiang Zongnan asked first, “Nian Nian, I’m sorry. Your Second Aunt and your sister can’t make it today. Are you alright?”

Old Master Jiang and Jiang Zongjin were the most anxious. Old Master was so worried, his hair was in a mess and his bright eyes had never left Qiao Nian.

“Come over, let Grandpa have a look at you. Jiang Li said you were drowning, I really had a shock. Are you alright?”

Jiang Zongjin was a nerd and also the most honest person amongst them. He was straightforward about what he thought. “If you encounter such an incident again, don’t ever put yourself at risk. Your safety is the most important!”


Jiang Zongnan looked at his brother with a wry smile. The person his niece rescued was the descendant of the Ye family. Moreover, Young Master Ye was here too. Did he have to say it so plainly?

But he understood his brother’s love for his own daughter.

It took them many efforts to finally find Qiao Nian and bring her home. If anything untoward happened to her, the family would be in chaos!

The Jiang family wasn’t as wealthy as the Ye family. But even so, they didn’t have to sacrifice their flesh and blood to earn a favor from the Yes.

Old Master Jiang and Jiang Zongjin pulled Qiao Nian closer to have a look at her. Their heart ached when they saw the scratch on her neck inflicted by the child.

“Look, the scratch is pretty deep. Why didn’t Jiang Li send you to the hospital earlier? It’s such a warm day and you were drenched. What if your wound gets infected?” Old Master Jiang sounded as if he was blaming Jiang Li, but deep down, his heart just went out to Qiao Nian.

Qiao Nian touched her neck. She wasn’t used to having so many people around her. “It’s just a small wound, it won’t get infected.”

Old Master Jiang shot her a glance but couldn’t bear to say anything about her. He got the Head of the Dermatology department to have a look.

“Director Tan, I’ll have to trouble you to take a look at the wound on my granddaughter’s neck.”

“Elder Jiang, you’re too civil!” The doctor seemed a little flustered. There were so many people around, even the Director of the hospital would feel pressurized. He didn’t feel deserving of a “Director” title, considering he was just the Head of a small department.

“Miss Qiao, come, please take a seat.” He quickly got Qiao Nian to sit and then used a flashlight to examine her neck.

The girl’s neck was extremely fair, almost as white as milk. That was why the wound seemed especially serious.

As a dermatology specialist, this sort of injury wasn’t a big deal to him. But with so many pairs of eyes on him right now, he couldn’t help but break out in a sweat.

He’d already checked it with his flashlight, but he still took his magnifying glass to have a closer look just in case. He only looked up and took his glasses off when he was sure that the wound only had a very mild case of inflammation from being soaked in the river water.

He said to the people around, “There isn’t a big problem with Miss Qiao’s wound, but it’s slightly inflamed as it got wet. I’ll give her some anti-inflammation cream. The nurse will clean her wound with alcohol, and it’ll be fine when she applies the cream after that.”

Old Master Jiang was still worried. “Do you need to examine her further? Maybe take a CT scan?”

Father Jiang was worried too. “Nian Nian landed in the water, who knows if she might’ve knocked herself somewhere or the other. It might be better to get a CT scan.”

Jiang Zongnan immediately said, “I’ll get Jiang Li to arrange for that.”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

But the doctor repeated time and again that she was fine and did not require a CT scan. He explained that the CT scan itself was harmful to the body and it was best not to do it unless absolutely necessary.

The Jiang family eventually accepted his explanation and decided against the CT scan.

They got Jiang Li to accompany Qiao Nian to get her wound cleaned.

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