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Chapter 249: Was Today Their Unlucky Day?

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“Unlike someone who became so prideful after knowing some big shots and wanted the entire world to know about it!”

It was obvious who they were referring to.

Qiao Chen fell silent.

She really didn’t know about it, else she would have told everyone too!

Fu Ge looked at her pale face. He saw how she remained calm and composed now. There wasn’t a hint of pride on her face. He then spoke gently to her. “Chen Chen, you’re so humble, exactly like how I first met you.”

Qiao Chen felt as though she was at the beginning of their relationship. She started to blush as she held her hand tightly and replied softly. “I, I didn’t have the chance to tell everyone.”


She hadn’t had a clue who Master Nie was and why he was here.

She thought that He Yujuan invited him. Else, Master Nie must have been attracted to her talent after seeing her piece and came on his own accord, just like Steven.

Everyone looked at her enviously.

She felt great seeing how others were looking at her. She took a deep breath to calm herself down and smiled, then got up and walked calmly to the door. She then spoke to the young man who was still looking around.

“Hello, I’m Qiao Chen.”

She strained her voice so that she would sound nice.

She almost couldn’t hide her happiness!

Even though she looked shy, everyone could tell how proud she was. It was as though she really invited them.

“Please, take a seat.”

The young man heard what she said and repeated, “Qiao Chen?”

This was weird.

It was the wrong name!

Qiao Chen didn’t know what was going through his head and thought that he wasn’t sure what she looked like. She smiled and nodded, then said, “Yup, I’m Qiao Chen.”

She glanced at the old man and couldn’t tell what was so awesome about this ordinary-looking man.

He was so awesome that someone like Grandma Tang became emotional.

She took a deep breath as she thought to herself. No matter who this person was, with him around, she was less humiliated.

She continued to smile.

The young man snapped. “But we’re looking for Qiao Nian!”


Qiao Chen’s mouth opened wide in shock.

This was too humiliating to her.

She couldn’t react in time!

The room fell silent, so silent that you could hear a pin drop.

It was too quiet.

The silence was deafening!

The Qiao Family was shocked by his response and couldn’t react.

Today must be their unlucky day!

“I’m sorry, we got the wrong room.” The young man didn’t notice the strange atmosphere and asked her politely, “Is there another Miss Qiao celebrating her birthday here? Do you know which booth she’s in?”

Qiao Chen’s face flushed as though she was being choked.

She started to breathe heavily.

All she wanted was for the earth to swallow her up so that she could hide from everyone. She couldn’t speak as she lifted her hand and pointed next door. She was ashamed that her face became red.

“Oh, thank you.”

Losing control of her legs, she almost collapsed onto the floor after they left.

She couldn’t bring herself to face the people in the booth.

Fu Ge asked her if she invited Master Nie. She even confirmed as she thought he was here to celebrate her birthday.

But now…

She had never been so humiliated before!


She couldn’t bring herself to look at her guests…

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