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Chapter 230: Humiliation (4)

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However, Xu Xu and the others didn’t know the difference. They were impressed by the fact that it was from Seven. Pretending to be educated about the brand, they exclaimed, “No wonder it looks so amazing. I think you’re the only person in Rao City who could buy something so exquisite from S.”

That was what Qiao Chen wanted to hear after spending so much money. She lowered her head and pretended to humble herself. She said, “It’s not a big deal, everyone can afford it. I was just lucky enough to get it.”

“Not everyone can pull it off as well as you.”

Qiao Chen pouted in response. As she spoke to her classmates, she glanced towards the reporters at the side.

Most of them had arrived already.

Some were adjusting their cameras.

Some snapped a few photos of them when they noticed their arrival.

The flashes were blinding.

Xu Xu saw the reports as well and started to adjust her clothes insecurely. She regretted not asking her parents to get her something more expensive.

She tugged on her dress as she looked around and then exclaimed to Qiao Chen in envy, “Chen Chen, your birthday is such a big event!”

“It’s nothing, we just invited some of our friends over for a meal. They’re mostly friends of my parents.”

“It’s still a huge event. It’s the first time I’m seeing so many reporters for one event.”

The other Class B students nodded in agreement.

Qiao Chen secretly despised them for being so sheltered, but their reactions stroked her ego.

She lifted her chin and didn’t check on the reporters like her classmates. She maintained a straight posture with a faint smile.


Qiao Weimin and He Yujuan arrived.

He Yujuan was old and didn’t like riding in sportscars.

Hence, Qiao Weimin accompanied her here in a Benz.

When they got out of the car.

“Dad, Grandma.” Qiao Chen walked up to them quickly and helped He Yujuan out of the car.

Even though He Yujuan was in the pink of health and didn’t need any assistance, she appreciated Qiao Chen’s gesture. She allowed her to help her get out of the vehicle and patted Qiao Chen’s hand, said, “I contacted Grandma Tang on my way here, she should be arriving shortly. And she’s bringing a friend.”

The Grandma Tang she was referring to was Tang Wei.

The Class B students didn’t know much about the inner workings of the upper echelons of society. Tang Wei wasn’t just skilled in playing the piano, she was also interviewed on television several times and was widely known.

She was a master pianist.

Hence, Xu Xu and the rest of the classmates got excited. They couldn’t wait to meet her.

Qiao Chen was excited to know that Tang Wei would be arriving shortly. She couldn’t wait to finally meet her. She bit on her lip as her heart raced. She looked at her grandma shyly and asked, “Grandma, do you know who the friend Grandma Tang is bringing?”


He Yujuan knew. She was shocked when Tang Wei told her the person’s identity.

That person’s arrival would be a huge piece of news. The headline for tomorrow’s paper.

The reporters’ trip today was worth it!

She looked around and saw several outsiders. Deciding to be mysterious, she said, “You’ll know it when the person arrives.”

Qiao Chen became even more excited.

She held onto her grandma’s arm and nodded, answering, “Alright.”

At this moment, Qiao Weimin noticed Qiao Nian surrounded by her friends from the corner of his eyes. He exclaimed, “Nian Nian?

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