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Chapter 224: She Would Be the Humiliated One This Time

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That was how she spoke to Xu Xu in the classroom just now.

Even though it may seem she was being friendly, you could tell how prideful she was.

Xu Xu couldn’t tell it. But Qiao Nian had known her for a long time and could tell she was being pretentious.

Qiao Nian’s mouth twitched as she looked at her. Deciding to spoil her mood, she asked, “So what, did you reserve the entire Waterside Loft?”

Qiao Chen froze. She couldn’t maintain her smile anymore.

It was impressive enough that they managed to book a place, given how high class it was. How could she reserve the entire place?

Qiao Nian just wanted to be difficult.

Qiao Chen clenched her fist harder as she forced a smile. She then explained, “I’m asking because I care about you.”

She continued, “Oh, not only did my parents book the largest room in the Waterside Loft, Grandma invited Grandma Tang as well. She’s the lady you met once at the Waterside Loft. She agreed to attend my birthday celebration already. Fu Ge will be there as well. On top of that, my parents also prepared a surprise for me. I’m so excited to see what they have prepared for me.”

She then looked at Qiao Nian and pretended to lament. “Actually, Sister, you should attend it if you have the chance. We celebrated our birthdays together in the past. I’m not used to celebrating without you.”

Qiao Nian raised her brow.

In the past?

She remembered.

They would celebrate their birthdays together in the past. This was because Qiao Weimin told her that their birthdays were quite close to each other. Hence, when Qiao Nian’s birthday was approaching, He Yujuan would suggest delaying it and that they would celebrate both of their birthdays together.

Even though they said they would celebrate their birthdays together, Qiao Chen was their focus.

The Qiao Family would prepare one cake on that day, and it was only for Qiao Chen. They would also only buy gifts for her and only invited her friends over for the celebration. They had never done anything for Qiao Nian on her birthdays.

Was she referring to those kinds of birthdays?

Qiao Nian wanted to laugh as she thought about it. It used to matter a lot to her, but that was no longer the case.

“Did you stop me because you wanted to tell me about these things?”

Wasn’t it enough?

Qiao Chen couldn’t understand why Qiao Nian was smiling. But she felt that she was being belittled.

She pouted and asked pretentiously, “Sister, you must be having a huge celebration, then? Which room will it be? Professor Jiang must have invited a lot of people for your birthday celebration after finding you. I wonder who he will invite.”

She smiled and tidied up her hair. She then continued gently with her head lowered, “It’s great that we’re celebrating at the same place, we can see each other on that day. He must have a lot of colleagues as a professor working at Qing University. The people he invited must be extremely knowledgeable. I hope to interact with them if I have the chance. It’s just that I have a lot of guests that day, and I’m not sure if I’ll have the chance to do so.”

So what if Qiao Nian’s dad was a professor from Qing University?

Qing University was in Beijing.

They were in Rao City!

Who would believe that Qiao Nian wasn’t trying to challenge Qiao Chen by picking the same day and the same place to celebrate her birthday?

But it didn’t matter.

She couldn’t lose to her this time.

Qiao Nian would be the humiliated one this time!

Qiao Nian was reminded of the kid seeing how prideful she was. She looked her in the eyes and asked, “Qiao Chen, did you forget something?”


Qiao Chen wasn’t sure what she was talking about.

“What’s the matter?”

Qiao Nian could tell from her reaction that she had forgotten what happened in the hospital. She was too happy about being the center of attention again.

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