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Chapter 222: She Would Have Nothing to Brag About

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If she had known that the piece would be awarded, she would have put in more effort to improve it. Else, she wouldn’t have gotten just second place.

Grandma Tang said that the reason why she wasn’t awarded the top prize wasn’t that the piece wasn’t great. It was because the piece wasn’t suitable for the piano.

It was because Qiao Nian had only just learned the piano back then. Even with her capabilities, that was the reason why it could only win the second prize.

When Qiao Chen thought about it, she became annoyed. However, since she couldn’t do anything about it anymore, she was happy at getting second place.

“Her dad is a professor from Qing University and her cousin is a celebrity. A lot of people might be attending her party.” Even though she tried to seem genuine, everyone could tell that she didn’t mean it.

However, her classmates couldn’t tell. They tried to defend her and spoke their minds.

“Her? Please. Chen Chen, your parents invited the upper echelon of society. Her birthday could never compare to yours!”

Qiao Chen smiled uncontrollably. She looked at the person that spoke and smiled at her. She then invited her. “Xu Xu, are you free this weekend? Do you want to attend my birthday celebration with Yan Yan?”

“Really? I can go?” Xu Xu never thought she would be invited.

Qiao Chen’s birthday celebration was a huge event, and a lot of people were invited. However, she didn’t invite many of her classmates.

Those that she invited had rich and powerful families. Cai Yan’s family was powerful; her grandfather was a chief of police. Hence, Qiao Chen invited her.

Even though Xu Xu was close to Qiao Chen and Qiao Chen loved hanging out with her, she wasn’t invited previously.

Qiao Chen smiled and continued, “Of course it’s true. Can you come along if you have the time? I remembered that you learned the piano as well. My grandma has a friend who is a master at playing the piano. He’ll be attending my celebration as well. Do come along.”

If Qiao Nian was here, she would have noticed how prideful Qiao Chen was when she said that.

However, Qiao Nian wasn’t here and Xu Xu was too inexperienced. Too excited at the chance to meet a master pianist, she held Qiao Chen’s hand and started to jump up and down excitedly. She nodded and said, “I’m free. I’ll come earlier in the morning!”

Qiao Chen hid the contempt in her eyes as she smiled. She then politely said, “Alright.”

Time passed quickly when you were in school.

Soon, the lesson was over.

As Qiao Nian packed up her bag, she noticed someone had texted her.

Ye Wangchuan: [Chen Chen asked me to fetch you. I’m waiting outside your school.]


Qiao Nian was speechless.

After packing her bag, Shen Qingqing asked, “Sister Nian, where are you going later? You can join us.”

Qiao Nian’s frown relaxed as she kept her phone. She hung her sling bag on her shoulder, raised her brow beautifully, and said, “I won’t be joining you guys. Someone’s here to pick me up.”

“Who is it?”

Shen Qingqing suddenly thought of something and exclaimed, “Oh, is it the person from last time? The guy that ate with us when your dad treated us to a meal?”

She didn’t know how to describe the guy, but he was really handsome!

He looked better than celebrities!

He seemed to be Sister Nian’s boyfriend too. He was so much better than the senior that Qiao Chen was bragging about every day!

However, he seemed older. If they were the same age, she would have nothing to brag about!

Qiao Nian raised her brow and kept silent.

Who was the guy she was talking about?

Shen Qingqing patted her on the shoulder and gave her a look. She then said, “Sister Nian, you have nothing to worry about. I won’t tell our teacher. Since your… friend or boyfriend is picking you up, I’ll head off first.”

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