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Chapter 221: Inviting Everyone For a Meal

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She thought about it for a while more, before sending a message to someone she hadn’t spoken to in a long time.

QN: [Do you want to come over for a meal?]

They helped her recently. Since she was planning for a meal, she wanted to invite everyone so that they could have a meal together.

She had no expectations regarding their replies.

She looked up and saw Shen Qingqing discussing with the rest of the classmates when they wanted to eat spicy hotpot next week. She leaned back and asked, “Are you guys free this weekend?”

Shen Qingqing and the rest of the classmates stopped discussing and looked at her.

“Are you asking about Saturday or Sunday? I have a tuition class on Sundays.”

Chen Yuan said, “I’m getting some books from the bookstore this Saturday.”

“I’m free this weekend.” Liang Bowen looked at her curiously and asked, “Sister Nian, are you planning something? What is it?”

Qiao Nian wasn’t fidgeting with her phone anymore. She was fidgeting with her pen instead, making her look casual. She then said with a wild look on her face, “Nothing much, I want to treat you guys to a meal.”

They were utterly shocked.

Why was Sister Nian treating them to a meal out of the blue?

Qiao Nian could see the shock in their eyes. She put down the pen as she leaned against the chair and said, annoyed, “My family wants to celebrate my birthday. They booked the Waterside Loft this weekend. Do you guys want to come?”

Sister Nian’s birthday?!

Shen Qingqing and the rest of the classmates exchanged glances. They didn’t hesitate and said in unison, “We’re going!”

Worried that she might change her mind, Shen Qingqing immediately went back to her seat and said, “I’m asking for leave for my tuition. I’m not attending it this weekend.”

Chen Yuan said, “I’ll go to the bookstore today, then.”

Jiang Tingting and the rest of the classmates also promised that they would be there on time, no matter what happened.

Qiao Nian smiled as she saw how excited they were. Her eyes were even slightly glittering.

Class B.

After Zhao Jingwei was taken away by the police, another girl called Xu Xu became Qiao Chen’s best friend.

She would always volunteer to help Qiao Chen spy on Class A.

“Chen Chen, I’ve heard from Class A that Qiao Nian is celebrating her birthday this weekend too.”

Class B had been boastful because Qiao Chen was awarded and that she was celebrating her birthday soon.

They hated Qiao Nian.

When they heard Qiao Nian’s name, someone scoffed. “Xu Xu, it must have been a slow day for you. What does Qiao Nian’s birthday celebration have to do with Chen Chen? Chen Chen’s family booked a banquet for her at the Waterside Loft, could Qiao Nian even afford it?”

So what if her dad was a professor at Qing University? He wasn’t rich.

He could never compare to Chen Chen’s rich family.

Qiao Chen heard what they said and looked down. She then said gently, “Yan Yan, don’t be like that. She might be celebrating at the Waterside Loft too.”

Cai Yan scoffed. “Hehehe. If her celebration’s at the Waterside Loft, it would mean she’s just a copycat. She’s jealous that you are celebrating your birthday there and wants to follow suit.”

“So what if she’s celebrating her birthday at the Waterside Loft? She should try to get an award like you and bring honor to the school!”

“That’s right.”

“I agree.”

Qiao Chen wasn’t very confident after hearing what everyone said. She forced a smile and said, “Qiao Nian… doesn’t know how to play the piano.”

However, the piece she was awarded for was edited by Qiao Nian. She knew that she only wrote a small portion of it. The rest was edited by Qiao Nian… Technically, she rewrote some parts of it as well.

Qiao Chen started to get annoyed as she thought about this. She wasn’t confident of that piece and submitted it without giving much thought.

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