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Chapter 220: He Liked Sending Cute Emojis

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She couldn’t imagine how a middle-aged man who always wore the traditional Chinese suit and was always serious could bring himself to create such… emojis from the limited symbols on his phone.

She asked Jiang Zongjin previously, and he told her that he was responsible for teaching him. He told Jiang Zongjin that girls loved cute things. If he used more cute emojis, their relationship would improve quickly.

Hence, Qiao Nian was bombarded with cute emojis by the Jiang family.

Jiang Zongjin: [It’s your birthday in a couple of days. Your grandpa wishes to plan a celebration for you, do you have the time for it? (question emoji)]

Jiang Zongnan: [I wish to celebrate your birthday as well. I never had the chance to do so in the past, and I finally have the chance to do so now. If you don’t want to have a huge celebration, we can just reserve one table and have a simple meal. Your daddy just wants to celebrate your birthday. (crying emoji)]

“Sister Nian, are you cold? I can close the windows for you,” Shen Qingqing asked when she noticed that Qiao Nian was having goosebumps. She kicked Liang Bowen, who was sitting in front of her.

“Bro, close the window.”

Liang Bowen was speechless.

What did she mean by that!

He slammed the window angrily.

Shen Qingqing thought he was angry at her and they started arguing again.

Qiao Nian was having goosebumps because of what he said and was annoyed by it. She couldn’t be bothered to care about their argument. She just couldn’t understand what the Jiang family was planning.

Jiang Li: [Grandpa wants to come over to Rao City to celebrate your birthday. He has some difficulties walking, and my dad didn’t allow him to come. You should call him at night when you are available. He won’t listen to anyone but you.]

Jiang Zongjin: [Nian Nian, where do you want to eat for your birthday? How about we have a meal at the Waterside Loft that we went to previously? Jiang Li said that you like the food there. (smiling emoji)]

Before Qiao Nian could think of how to reply to them.

Jiang Zongnan sent another message.

Jiang Zongnan: [Nian Nian, what present do you want for your birthday? I’ll get it for you this weekend.]

Qiao Nian’s brow twitched fiercely.

She didn’t reply to them. She tapped on someone’s profile and typed something furiously.

QN: [Did you tell Jiang Li when my birthday is?]

She thought Ye Wangchuan wouldn’t check on his phone that quickly.

However, his reply came immediately.

Ye Wangchuan: [Chen Chen was next to me when I was texting you. He saw the message and wanted to celebrate your birthday. Hence, he asked Jiang Li to plan it. What’s the matter, were you troubled by it? I can reprimand him for you.]


Even though Qiao Nian was annoyed, she couldn’t take it out on anyone. She didn’t want to blame the kid for caring about her. She could only try to suppress her annoyance while frowning.

She then replied to him.

QN: [Oh. It’s fine, then.]

She thought about how the kid held onto her while crying out insecurely that he was a little cripple. Feeling pity for him, she paused for a moment before typing another message.

QN: [Don’t scold Chen Chen, please. He’s still ill.]

After she replied to Ye Wangchuan, she massaged her temple. She shut her eyes to calm herself down and replied to Jiang Zongjin after a while.

QN: [The Waterside Loft, then.]

Jiang Zongjin: [Alright, I will book the place. Nian Nian, do invite some of your friends along. I will invite your classmates that we ate with previously. You should invite your form teacher as well; she seems to be a nice person. Oh, we need to invite the dean of teaching and that Principal Yu… Hmm, I’ll think of more people to invite.]

Qiao Nian wanted to reply to him that she didn’t want to invite anyone. However, she paused and sent a message to Yuan Yongqin, Wei Lou, and Su Beiyuan.

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