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Chapter 215: The Pills Had a New Look

Qiao Nian entered a psychology clinic located somewhere in Rao City. When she entered, she saw Wei Lou flirting with the pretty nurses. He was handsome and had a pair of seductive eyes. His eyes were able to attract anyone.

She didn’t know what he said to the nurse, but she saw that the nurse was blushing as she teared up. The nurse looked angrily at her when she saw Qiao Nian. She then left in a hurry.

Qiao Nian glanced at him. She walked over, placed her bag down, and asked, “What did you say to her?”

Wei Lou smiled. He placed the pink note in the drawer and answered, “Oh, nothing much. She wanted me to be her boyfriend. I rejected her and said that I was waiting for my girlfriend. I didn’t want to break her heart, and you would misunderstand if you saw that we were chatting. Hence, she left without saying much after she saw you.

“I’m not lying, Qiao Nian. You’re such a lucky girl, you managed to get such a charming boyfriend so easily.”

“Haha.” Qiao Nian almost wanted to kick him, but she controlled herself. She then tossed a bottle to him and said, “The medication for this month.”

Wei Lou took over the bottle and complained, “I don’t want to complain much, but you have been quite passive in your work. You ignored me for an entire month, and you only delivered this at the end of the month. If I hadn’t rushed you, you might not deliver it…”

Qiao Nian rolled her eyes as she zipped up her bag. She then carried the bag again and snapped. “But I did deliver it, right?”

Before she could finish, Wei Lou then took out one of the pills. Even though he was wearing a white coat, he still looked playful in it. He froze as he held the pill and asked, “Wait a minute, what’s this?”

He was holding a purple pill between two fingers. The issue wasn’t the color of the pill, but that it was in the shape of a carrot.

Qiao Nian embraced simplicity in her work, Wei Lou knew that. She was a lazy person. She wasn’t lazy in her daily life but in the way she did things.

Even though she was the biggest shareholder of Cheng Feng Corporation, she never made any decisions in the company. Yuan Yongqin was the one leading the company.

Also, even though she was a miracle doctor and had a lot of opportunities to earn money and build connections, she was never attracted to the conditions that people offered her. She would reject anyone that came to her through connections.

No point asking her as she would only give the same answer. She was busy.

However, even though she said she was busy, she was just studying in a high school. She must be lying, she was just lazy.

Given her personality, her designs would have been simple as well.

The previous pills he got were white and round. They were uglier than the flu medication from the pharmacy.

However, this time, the pills had a shape and a different color. They cost five million yuan, yet she designed them as though they were meant for kids!

If he sold this on the black market, he would be suspected to be selling fake medicine.

Her face shape was pretty. It was well-defined. It didn’t make her look too helpless, nor did she look too masculine.

It was just right for her, and you wouldn’t be able to look like her through plastic surgery.

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