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Chapter 208: If She Asked, It Was Because Chen Chen Wanted It

Thank god his uncle was still unaware that the Jiang family was about to lose the relative they just found. If the Old Master found out, he would be murdered.

“And I didn’t know about it…” Even though he denied being jealous, everyone could tell he was.

No one could be as jealous as him!

Qiao Nian was focused on eating the porridge. She looked up when she heard his question. Confused, she asked, “Huh? What photo are you talking about?”

That was the only thing Jiang Li was thinking of. Hence, he immediately answered, “The photo of you in pajamas and holding a doll.”

Qiao Nian remembered something like that happening. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for her.

“I remember it now. There was this photo.”

Ye Wangchuan looked at him with the corner of his eye raised. He was leaning against his chair with one hand on the table looking comfortable as he stayed silent.

He was wearing the black sweater Qiao Nian got for him. It looked like it was tailored for him as it showed off his lean figure.

He looked graceful!

Seductive as well!

Angered, Jiang Li wanted to cover him up with a bag.

He then complained enviously. “Nian Nian, how could you only allow Master Wang to have a photo of you? I don’t even have one. If I didn’t see his lock screen, I wouldn’t have known about it.”

There was anger in Ye Wangchuan’s eyes as he looked thoughtfully and intently at Jiang Li. He smiled. Seemed like everyone around him was getting braver.

Shocked, Qiao Nian frowned. She looked at him and asked, “You set that photo as your lock screen?”

Someone would have panicked already. However, Ye Wangchuan remained calm and didn’t react. He looked at Qiao Nian in the eye and answered honestly, “Yup.”

Jiang Li continued, “I knew I wasn’t seeing things.”

Ye Wangchuan continued to lean against the chair. He glanced at him before explaining to Qiao Nian, “Chen Chen plays his games on my phone. He requested for me to set your photo as my lock screen.”

No wonder.

Even though Qiao Nian felt weird and started feeling flustered again, she was relieved after what he said. She turned to Jiang Li and explained, “Chen Chen gave me a gift previously, and I sent him some photos. Since he liked them, it’s not a big deal.”

Jiang Li was speechless.


Jiang Li was close to telling her the truth. However, when he looked at her in the eyes, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

He wanted to tell Qiao Nian that she had an arranged marriage with Master Wang. He didn’t have pure intentions by getting close to her. Chen Chen was just a tool he was using to do so.

Things were complicated in Beijing, and the Ye family was the most powerful there. Thousands of rich ladies wanted to get married to Master Wang, and the Jiang family was overreaching from this arranged marriage. There wasn’t any guarantee that the marriage would happen. If they canceled the arrangement and he told Qiao Nian before that, wouldn’t the Jiang family seem like they were trying to force the marriage?

No way could he tell her the truth!

Jiang Li felt aggrieved, but he could do nothing about it.

In the rose garden, Qiao Chen got in a cab and went back in a daze.

Fu Ge wanted to send her back, but Madam Fu commanded him to leave. She was forced to flag down a cab by the roadside instead.

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