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Chapter 206: Boss, Did You Fall in the Toilet

Ye Wangchuan held onto his phone as he saw his lock screen. It was the cute photo of Qiao Nian he took using Chen Chen as an excuse.

He smiled and rubbed his finger against his lips. It felt warm, as though he was having a fever.

However, he calmed himself down quickly and unlocked his phone.

Jiang Li wasn’t lying, he indeed had a missed call.

It was from Ye Lan.

He returned the call as he walked downstairs…

Qiao Nian felt refreshed after taking a cold shower in the attached bathroom. She then changed into white pajamas and dried her hair. After that, she got out of the bathroom.

Finally checking her cell phone, she was shocked by what she saw.

There were dozens of calls and messages on her cell phone.

She didn’t need to check the ones sent by Wei Lou. They were asking about the trade that happened in the afternoon.

Then, she thought about how Ye Wangchuan found out her secret and started to get worried.

No one in Rao City knew that she was the miracle doctor from the black market other than Yuan Yongqin and Wei Lou previously. However, another person knew it now.

Ye Wangchuan…

She didn’t know what to feel about it.

Technically, it would be better for her if fewer people knew the truth. However, she felt that it was alright for him to know as she felt that he wouldn’t tell anyone.


Qiao Nian frowned as she realized how crazy that idea was.

Why would she trust a guy that wasn’t related to her in any sense?

Why did she subconsciously trust that he wouldn’t expose her secret?

Qiao Nian tried to think of any possible explanation, but she couldn’t think of any.

“Is it because he’s Chen Chen’s uncle?” That was the only explanation she could think of.

However, it was the most convincing one she could come up with.

She realized that she liked everyone related to Chen Chen. This must be the reason, right?

Qiao Nian felt relieved after coming up with the reason for trusting Ye Wangchuan and continued to check on her phone.

There were messages from the Red Alliance.

Slim Waist Control: [Boss, we can’t find the miracle doctor they wanted.]

Slim Waist Control: [Boss, isn’t this urgent for you? Why did you disappear?]

Slim Waist Control: [Boss, did you fall in the toilet?]

Slim Waist Control: […]

Qiao Nian read through the messages. When she saw the last question, she pouted and started to execute some commands on her phone.

After a while, a scream erupted from a villa far away.

“Damn, Boss sold all my stocks at a loss! All of them!

“I only showed him some concern in the event he was met with an accident in the toilet. It was an act of kindness, yet he treated me so poorly! Don’t stop me, I want to throw myself off the building!”

However, Qiao Nian was too far away and couldn’t hear his complaints. She blocked him after selling his stocks to prevent him from harassing her any further.

She then checked on the other messages.

She also received another message other than the ones sent by Shen Qingqing and Chen Yuan after their meal.

It was from a foreign number.

146XXXX: [Nian Nian, what clothes do you like? A shop’s selling nice clothes at the hotel I’m staying in. I shopped around just now and saw a skirt that suits you. Let me send it to you.”

The person also attached a photo.

The skirt was from Seven. However, it wasn’t from the low-end series Qiao Chen previously wore. It was from the high-end series. Hence, it had better design and craftsmanship compared to the one Qiao Chen wore around in school.

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