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Chapter 200: Money Wasn’t a Problem for Qiao Nian

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“I can’t be certain if he can run around or play sports like a normal kid in the future, but it will definitely be better than before. If he recovers well, he might have a healthy leg like a normal kid too.

“But even if he doesn’t recover that well, Chen Chen can still walk normally in the future too. He won’t be limping anymore.”

Ye Lan couldn’t believe what she heard. She held her hands in excitement and asked, “Young lady, are you serious?

“Chen Chen can walk around like a normal kid?”

Ye Wangchuan saw that she was elated to the point of tearing up and introduced her to Qiao Nian. “She’s Ye Lan, Chen Chen’s grandma. She’s my aunt. You can address her that way too.”

Ye Lan didn’t care about formalities, all she cared about was what Qiao Nian said. Her hands started to shake uncontrollably as she asked to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. “You can address me as anything you want, I don’t care. Young lady, you just said that Chen Chen can walk normally without a limp in the future. Is this true?”

Gu San was elated as well.

He couldn’t imagine Little Young Master walking like a normal child previously. But Miss Qiao made it happen.

He was excited about it and thankful to her.

“Miss Qiao, is this true?” he asked as well.

When Qiao Nian heard that Ye Lan was Chen Chen’s grandmother, she wasn’t impatient from her tiredness anymore. She looked at them and nodded.

“It’s true.”

She thought about it and continued, “Chen Chen behaved well during the operation even though I only administered local anesthesia. He cooperated with me, and the operation went better than I thought. If he rests well for the next period, at the very least, he can walk normally…”

Even though it might be the worst-case scenario, it was the best outcome they wanted for all these years!

If everything went well, it would be an outcome that they could never imagine.

“I’m happy he can walk. I’m happy he can walk.”

Ye Lan repeated the same sentence a few times, liking Qiao Nian more and more. She couldn’t wait to get her everything she wanted on this earth to express her gratitude.

However, she didn’t bring anything over and she didn’t know what to give her. She then opened her Birkin bag and took out a bank card. She then passed it to Qiao Nian.

“Young lady, please accept this. There are 10 million yuan in it. It’s not much, but it’s my expression of gratitude to you. You saved Chen Chen, I can’t think of any way to thank you. I left home in a hurry and didn’t bring anything. Please accept this instead.”

Gu San felt awkward seeing how she repaid Qiao Nian with money.

As she was a miracle doctor, money wasn’t a problem for her.

When they approached Miss Qiao to treat Little Young Master, they had offered hundreds of millions but were rejected.

If not for this incident, he would have never known her secret identity.

Even though 10 million yuan was a lot of money, it was nothing to Miss Qiao…

Ye Wangchuan knew that Qiao Nian wasn’t interested in money as well and said to her, “Aunt, please keep the card.”

Ye Lan got angry and snapped. “What are you saying! This young lady saved Chen Chen and fixed his leg. Even 20 or 30 million yuan wouldn’t be enough to repay her. Why can’t I give her something for it!”

She glared at Ye Wangchuan before looking gently at Qiao Nian. She said, “Young lady, don’t listen to him, please accept my gift.”

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