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Chapter 199: He Could Never Match Up to Her!

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Suddenly, the operating room’s light turned from red to green.

Ye Lan walked towards it and asked nervously, “Is Chen Chen coming out now?”

“He should be.”

Gu San was nervous as well. But when he saw that Master Wang was behaving calmly because he trusted Miss Qiao, he didn’t dare to voice his feelings.

Please God, please allow Miss Qiao to save Little Young Master’s leg.

He didn’t dare to hope for Little Young Master to have normal legs like the other kids. He was only hoping that Little Young Master wouldn’t lose his left leg from the accident.

The operating room’s doors opened.

A group of doctors walked out.

However, they didn’t tell them the results of the operation. They stood outside of the operating room as though they were waiting for someone.

Then, a slender figure emerged from the operating room.

Ye Lan saw a young face when the person removed her mask.

Even though she was really pretty, she could tell that she was really young. She should be less than 20 years old.


What was a young lady doing at the operating room?

She was wearing the operating gown too.

What was the hospital doing?

Had they lost their mind?

Qiao Nian removed her mask in exhaustion. The mask had caused red marks on her tender face. Those areas were swollen from the allergic reaction.

It looked horrible.

But she didn’t care about it. She took off the gloves as well and discarded them into the bin. Even though she looked tired, she was relieved as well. The other doctors looked relieved too.

“Can I ask for him to be released from the hospital so that he can rest at home?”

If it was a few hours ago, the doctor-in-charge wouldn’t have taken her seriously.

However, after he saw how skilled she was in the operating room, he no longer doubted her. He respected her from the bottom of his heart.

“With you taking care of him, sure. I’ll ask the nurse to settle the administrative matters for you.”

He then continued passionately, “Miss Qiao, could you tell us where you picked up your skills?”

She was impressive!

He could never match up to her.

Hence, he was curious how she became so good at such a young age.

Qiao Nian raised her brow, in a similar way to how Ye Wangchuan did it. She removed her gown and answered, “I can’t disclose that information.”

The doctor-in-charge was disappointed, but he didn’t blame her and said, “It’s alright. Everyone has their own secrets. It was just a casual question, it’s alright if you can’t answer it.”

“Okay,” Qiao Nian said. She was exhausted from the operations, causing her to look wild.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to answer them truthfully. They wouldn’t believe her, anyway.

The other staff from the orthopedics department chatted with her for a bit more before walking off to settle the administrative matters from the operation.

Suddenly, Ye Wangchuan appeared in front of her.

His 1.85m tall figure caused a shadow to envelop her, causing Qiao Nian to become flustered.

“Are you tired?”

Qiao Nian thought that he would be asking about Chen Chen, however, he asked about her first. Hence, she was shocked. After putting aside the gown, she replied casually, “It’s alright, I’ll live.

“Chen Chen is fine too. I’ve mended the broken bones.”

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