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Chapter 198: There Are No Better Doctors

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The person was wearing a sleeveless rose-red cheongsam with a wonton flower embroidered on it. She was also wearing a pair of pearl earrings and a pearl and jade necklace. She looked rich.

She seemed to only be in her fifties. Even though you could tell that she wasn’t young from the wrinkles at the corner of her eyes, she took care of herself really well, and you couldn’t tell her real age. As she was from the Ye family, you could also tell that she must have been a great beauty when she was younger.

“Eldest Lady.” Gu San stood up immediately and greeted her.

There was only one eldest lady from the Ye family. Ye Lan!

She was Ye Yuchen’s mom and Old Master Ye’s only daughter. She was also Master Wang’s aunt.

She was a powerful person in Beijing. When she divorced her husband after giving birth to Miss Yuchen, she raised her all by herself.

However, Miss Yuchen wasn’t good at picking guys. When she grew up, she met Fu Sinian. She only discovered that he never loved her after they got married. He only got together with her because he wanted to be connected with the Ye family.

After they got married, Fu Sinian constantly cheated with other women behind her back.

Because of that, Miss Yuchen became depressed after she got pregnant. This caused her to become weak, eventually leading to dystocia and hemorrhages when she gave birth. In the end, she died.

As Ye Yuchen had gone through a failed marriage when she was younger and lost her only daughter after that, she loved Miss Yuchen’s son.

It was as though she poured all her love onto Little Young Master. She was the person in the Ye family who loved him the most.

Ye Lan didn’t want to return the greeting as she was only concerned with Ye Qichen. She then stared at the noble and outstanding Ye Wangchuan with a similar gaze.

“Wangchuan, where’s Chen Chen? I’ve heard from your grandfather that he fell, what happened?”

Her eyes shook and she frowned as she continued, “Never mind. Where is Chen Chen, I can’t find him.”

Ye Wangchuan knew that only the kid could make her so anxious. Only he could cause the mature, calm eldest lady from the Ye family to be so anxious.

“Chen Chen is going through an operation now.”

“An operation?”

Ye Lan looked towards the end of the corridor where the operating room was at. She saw that the red light was on.

Worried, she asked, “Was the fall that bad? Why did you not tell me, I could have brought a specialist from Beijing. Rao City…”

Her worry intensified. Rao City wasn’t a top-tier city, and they wouldn’t have the best medical resources. If there were some after effects…

She thought about how the kid looked insecure with his left leg. It ached her heart every time.

She frowned and continued, “I can’t trust the doctors here. Why don’t I charter a flight and send him to Beijing after the operation is over?”

Ye Wangchuan raised his brow and interrupted her confidently. “That won’t be necessary.

“If the doctors here can’t treat his leg, no one in Beijing can.”

Puzzled, Ye Lan asked, “Are you talking about Rao City’s hospital?”

Were this hospital’s doctors that skilled?

How come she never heard of them?

Seeing that she was still worried, Gu San said, “Eldest Lady, you should trust Master Wang. Little Young Master is his nephew, he would never harm him.”

He was telling the truth.

Ye Lan calmed down. She then stood next to him as they stared at the operating room’s light.

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