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Chapter 197: The Ye Family Sent Someone

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In the ward.

Qiao Nian saw that the kid had fallen asleep with the bottle of chewing gum. She also saw the tear stains on his face in his closed eyes filled with anguish. He obviously wasn’t sleeping well because of the pain. She could tell that he didn’t bear to eat the candy that she gave him from how he was biting on his lip.

Qiao Nian then saw the tears on his lashes and her heart ached. She moved around slowly.

She was afraid of waking him up.

“You have returned?”

The doctor-in-charge stood up immediately when he saw that Qiao Nian had returned. He frowned and said sternly to her, “Miss Qiao, I understand that you learned some medical knowledge during your education. However, what we’re doing is completely different from what you do!

“I’m a professional doctor. I know that if the patient’s injuries are dragged on for too long before treatment, the patient won’t recover that well. I hope that you can be more serious about it!”

He didn’t have anything against Qiao Nian. In fact, it was his care for his patients that caused him to behave this way. He wanted the best for his patients.

Moreover, the kid was really cute and his injuries made him really pitiful.

He wanted to do his best to treat his injuries.

However, Ye Qichen was from the Ye family, after all. Since his treatment plans weren’t approved by the Ye family, he wasn’t in any position to decide anything.

As he saw the best time for treatment was getting lost, he started to get anxious and lashed out at Qiao Nian.

After lashing out, he realized his mistake.

The girl was just a high-schooler, she hadn’t even gone through university education.

He was the professional doctor, and yet he was lashing out at her. It was wrong of him.

He frowned and apologized. “I’m sorry for lashing out at you.”

“Tell me honestly, Miss Qiao. Do you have a better treatment plan?”

He then continued sternly, “Else, I hope that you can tell the truth to Mr. Ye. We can still operate on the kid immediately… Even though he might not be 100% satisfied with the results, it’s the best we can do. We will give it our best!”

Even though the other personnel from the orthopedics department didn’t say anything, they agreed with him.

They then looked at Qiao Nian as they waited for her to reply.

They could tell that Mr. Ye trusted her. If she didn’t tell him the truth, they couldn’t start the operations.

Qiao Nian didn’t answer them immediately. She walked to the bed and wiped off the tears on the kid’s lashes. Then, she threw the tissue she used into the bin. When she turned back to them, she put her hand in her pockets cooly. Her face was gentle and she looked sassy.

“I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting.

“I’ve gotten everything I need. Let’s start the operation.”

The operating room’s light lit up.

It turned from green to red.

Ye Wangchuan and Gu San were waiting outside again.

Compared to last time, Gu San was calmer now.

He felt secure after knowing that Qiao Nian was the Miracle Doctor from Rao City.

No one in Rao City other than Qiao Nian could treat Little Young Master’s condition!

He could only anticipate for the best and hope that Miss Qiao would be successful.

The operation went on for four hours, and by the time it ended, the sky had turned dark.

Ye Lan came all the way from Beijing by flight. When she reached Rao City, she immediately rushed to the hospital.

When she saw Gu San, she didn’t care about her tiredness and asked anxiously, Wangchuan, how’s Chen Chen? Where is he, anyway?”

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