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Chapter 196: A Question of Whether She Could Match Up to Ye Wangchuan

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She was so furious that her hands shook as she pointed at the lift. She then said coldly to Qiao Chen, “Miss Qiao, you’re just dating my son. You two aren’t married. Let me be clear, I don’t approve of your relationship. Please leave now!

“I’ll be investigating how Chen Chen fell down the stairs. If you’re involved in it, the Fu family will be pursuing the matter.”

Gu San was watching the show and agreed with what she said wholeheartedly.

However, that wasn’t her attitude before Master Wang warned her.

In the end, she was just submitting to his authority and wasn’t really concerned about Little Young Master.

Qiao Chen had never been humiliated like that. She bit on her lips with tears in her eyes. She clenched her fists so hard that her nails dug in her flesh. Suddenly, she couldn’t take it anymore and started to cry. It made her look pitiful.

“I… Brother Fu, I should leave.”

She meant it this time.

She couldn’t understand why Madam Fu was suddenly so harsh with her. However, since she wanted to get married to Fu Ge, she would have to gain her approval. She didn’t dare to burn this bridge.

She then started to walk off tearfully while holding onto her bag.

However, Fu Ge grabbed hold of her and said, “I forbid you from leaving! Mom, if you want Chen Chen to leave, I’ll leave with her!”

Qiao Chen looked back and saw Fu Ge was standing up to his mom as he held her hand. She felt touched.

“You!” Madam Fu was so angry that she was shaking. She walked towards him, raised her hand, and slapped him.


A mark appeared on Fu Ge’s handsome face. You could tell how angry she was from the mark.


She had expected the Fu family to become more powerful through him. But she was disappointed by how he behaved today, and it would be fortunate if he didn’t ruin the family.

“Leave us now!”

Ye Wangchuan raised his brow. He looked at them in disdain and nonchalantly reminded them. “Madam Fu, I didn’t come to watch your family argue. If you want to argue, you can do it at home.”

He was relentless in humiliating them!

Fu Ge bit down hard on his jaw as he tried to suppress his rage. He held onto his burning face and asked him loudly, “Young Master Ye, do you have something personal against Chen Chen and me? Is it because of Qiao Nian?”

Madam Fu’s face turned pale. She should have slapped him harder. Else, why would he say such things?

Was he aware of how powerful the Ye family from Beijing was?

Was he aware of how powerful Ye Wangchuan was?

As she expected.

Ye Wangchuan looked up to him with his bloodshot eyes. It scared Fu Ge, and he clenched his fists.


He thought that Ye Wangchuan wouldn’t admit it.

Even though Qiao Nian was found by her family, her family wasn’t that powerful. She still wouldn’t be worthy enough for Ye Wangchuan to admit that he had something personal against Fu Ge and Qiao Chen.

However, things didn’t go per his expectations.

Ye Wangchuan simply answered, “So what if I am?”

So what if I am?

Gu San glanced at Ye Wangchuan. Damn, did Master Wang just admit his relationship with Miss Qiao?

But he wasn’t that surprised anymore. If he hadn’t known about her other identities, he would feel that there was no way for Miss Qiao to possibly match up to Master Wang, even with their arranged marriage. But when you considered the fact that she was from the Jiang family, a star student, and a miracle doctor… Furthermore, she was a beauty. At the very least, she could match up to Master Wang already!

Hence, he just glanced at Ye Wangchuan and then looked away.

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