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Chapter 195: The Miracle Doctor Was Around Him All This While

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He looked at Fu Sinian’s tender face and put his hands in his pockets. He then scoffed coldly. “Even though Qiao Nian isn’t related to Chen Chen, she still tried to stand up for him. What are you doing as his father?”

He never looked at Qiao Chen through the conversation, but he managed to make her feel hopeless!

“I…” Fu Sinian didn’t expect this question and couldn’t answer him.

Fu Ge couldn’t take it anymore and interrupted. “Young Master Ye, did Qiao Nian tell you something? This is a misunderstanding. Chen Chen didn’t do it on purpose, she didn’t push Chen Chen down the stairs. She even fell because she wanted to help him. She…”

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes filled with anger and he snapped. “How dare you interrupt me when I’m speaking?”

He turned to look coldly at Madam Fu and asked, “I’m curious, is this how you teach your children in the Fu family?

“Or is Second Young Master Fu mixing with the wrong crowd?”

It was obvious who he was referring to when he talked about the wrong crowd.

When Gu San came out of the ward, he saw Master Wang scolding a woman. It was a rare sight.

It made him happy.

Master Wang was doing this for Miss Qiao.

He was shocked when he saw Miss Qiao enter the ward with the rare material and instruct the doctors to prepare for the Little Young Master’s operation.

He understood what was going on after thinking about it.

He was still trying to recover from the shock.

It was too astounding, after all.

How could he not realize that the Miracle Doctor from Rao City that they were searching for had been around them all this while?

He felt that he was stupid for not trusting Qiao Nian previously and wanting Jiang Xianrou to operate instead.

Thank god Miss Qiao didn’t hear what he said. Else, he would be embarrassed.

“Ye Wangchuan!” Even though Fu Ge was scared of Ye Wangchuan’s family background, he was young and rash. He could never take the humiliation with his girlfriend around. He wanted to ask how he had offended him.

“Fu Ge, shut up.”

Flustered, Madam Fu screamed at her son anxiously. “Have you not embarrassed yourself enough today?”

She hated Qiao Chen now because she had brought misfortune to the Fu family. How did she think that Qiao Chen was better than Qiao Nian?

She knew that she had to do something now. Else, it would be worse when the rest of the Ye family arrived.

The reason Madam Fu managed to stay in the upper echelon of society was that she was a decisive person. Understanding what she had to do, she immediately said coldly to Qiao Chen, “Miss Qiao, you’re not welcome here. Please go home.”

Qiao Chen turned pale.

“Mom?” Fu Ge asked loudly as he held Qiao Chen’s hand. “Chen Chen is my girlfriend.”

Qiao Chen was afraid of Madam Fu, so she had to rely on Fu Ge. She looked pitifully at Madam Fu and said gently to Fu Ge, “It’s alright, Brother Fu. I’m fine with it. I’ll go home, you don’t have to argue with your mom.”

She always used this ploy. But this time, Fu Ge couldn’t allow her to leave and said firmly to Madam Fu, “Mom, she’s my girlfriend. Hence, Chen Chen is her nephew as well. Since Qiao Nian can enter the ward, why can’t Chen Chen stay here? She’s worried about Chen Chen too.”

Madam Fu had seen her use this ploy against Qiao Nian when she was visiting the Qiao Family previously. She thought that Qiao Chen was smart despite being so young. However, now that she was doing this to her, she was angry.

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