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Chapter 194: Her Real Identity Was Known

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She saw and realized that Ye Wangchuan was on a phone call as well. He looked good even though he was doing such a normal thing.

Qiao Nian pouted.

Her sixth sense grew stronger.

She held onto her phone as she stood in front of the railings and asked, “Ye Wangchuan?”

Was he the mysterious person?

When she asked, the person looked up in her direction.

They looked each other in the eye.

She could feel that he was smiling. He then answered without any surprise, “Hello, Miracle Doctor Sun.”

He recalled that when the Red Alliance contacted him to purchase the rare material, there was an S on their logo as well.

Qiao Nian was speechless.

She didn’t remember how long she waited with Ye Wangchuan for someone to send them the rare material and how they got back to the ward.

The Fu family was still outside.

When Fu Sinian saw that they had returned, he approached them quickly and said, “Master Wang, I need to go in to check on Chen Chen.”

He was Chen Chen’s biological father. Ye Wangchuan was just an uncle. How could an uncle prevent a father from checking on his son?

Even though he was angry, he didn’t dare to lash out at him. He continued, “I’m Chen Chen’s dad!”

Fu Ge and Qiao Chen saw that they returned together.

They were really attractive and complemented each other really well!

Fu Ge became angrier when he saw Qiao Nian walking with Ye Wangchuan because he felt that he was cheated on.


“Brother Fu.” Qiao Chen stopped him in time after realizing that he was getting angry.

Fu Ge then realized how angry he was getting. He clenched his fists and took a deep breath to suppress his anger.

“Who’s that guy, anyway?” Qiao Chen saw Ye Wangchuan as well. Even though she might seem to just be curious, you could tell that she was getting jealous.

Fu Ge was still angry. He looked at Qiao Nian with contempt and scoffed. “Someone that Qiao Nian could never match up with.”

He was from the Ye family from Beijing, how could Qiao Nian match up to him?

His sisters from the Fu family didn’t even have the status to date him, let alone the Qiao Family.

With his family background, even if Qiao Nian’s situation improved by ten times, she still couldn’t match up to him.

Qiao Chen became happy when Fu Ge told her that Qiao Nian couldn’t match up to him. So, she was trying to seduce him. She was so happy that she couldn’t hide the smile from her face and said, “Oh.”

Qiao Nian didn’t look at them as she continued to stand aside coldly. She was getting impatient.

She then said to Ye Wangchuan, “You guys can continue this conversation by yourselves, I’ll head in first.”

“Alright, Gu San is inside,” he replied naturally to her. There was no change in how he treated her even after discovering her secret identity.

Qiao Nian was relieved that he didn’t treat her any differently. She nodded and answered, “Alright.”

She was still in her school uniform. No one would have expected that the Miracle Doctor Sun from the black market would be so young.

Ye Wangchuan looked at her back thoughtfully before looking at the guy that looked humiliated in front of him. His gentle aura turned cold as he said, “I’ve heard from Gu San about what happened just now.”

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