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Chapter 193: Master Wang Was Smiling?

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“Yes, I can.”

This voice.

Qiao Nian felt that it was oddly familiar.

It was a really special voice.

Her heart skipped a beat, but she felt that it couldn’t be so coincidental.

“Doctor Sun, where are you now?”

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, the person asked about her location. Qiao Nian looked up and saw that she was at the A&E department. She answered, “I’m at Rao City’s hospital. I’m willing to take up your task, but I have to operate on a very important person of mine. It’ll take about half a day.

“If you’re fine with everything, send the rare material over. I have an urgent need for it.”

Qiao Nian was worried that he would take a long time to get to her and continued, “Or you can tell me where you are, I can come to look for you instead.”

The person laughed. He had a low and seductive voice. When he spoke, it felt as though he was just next to her. “What a coincidence, I’m at the hospital too.”

Qiao Nian could feel her heart racing.

The person didn’t allow her to say anything and continued, “I’ll wait for you at the staircase near the A&E department.”

He hung up after that.

In the ward.

Gu San left the Fu family outside and entered the ward. Then, he saw Master Wang smiling.

Little Young Master’s leg was broken and he was smiling?

Was he that dense?

“Master Wang.” Gu San didn’t want to disturb the kid who was exhausted from crying. He greeted him after walking quietly to him. “The Ye family will be sending someone. They’re on the flight and will reach in 3 hours.”

Ye Wangchuan looked out of the window and saw that it was already morning. He kept his phone and said, “Alright, I’m heading out.”

Gu San was puzzled. “Now?”

“Yup, now.”

Ye Wangchuan was elated after finding out a certain secret. He smiled and instructed. “Help me take care of Chen Chen. Don’t let anyone enter the room without my permission.”


Gu San saw how happy he was and frowned. He was really puzzled.

Was Master Wang… okay?

How could he be so happy after Little Young Master’s leg was broken?

Qiao Nian waited anxiously at the staircase near the A&E department, and she checked the time constantly.

Until someone familiar appeared in the halls of the A&E department.

He stood out from the crowd, and he could be easily spotted.

His elegance was dazzling.

He had finally changed out of the shirt Qiao Nian got for him and was bearing the V-neck sweater that they got at the mall. He was also wearing a pair of dress pants and a cardigan.

He was 1.85 meters tall, taller than the average person.

Coupled with his strong presence, he attracted everyone’s attention even though they had something urgent to attend to in the A&E department. He was simply too outstanding.

Ye Wangchuan?

Qiao Nian frowned.

An unhappy look appeared on her face.

What was he doing here? Did he leave Chen Chen alone in the ward?

As she thought of that, her phone rang.

She took it out and checked it.

It was a call from the phone number Wei Lou sent her.

Not caring about Ye Wangchuan, she turned around and answered the call.

“Hello, are you here?”

“I’m here.”

Through the phone, she could almost feel the resonance from the guy’s chest as he spoke.

She frowned and looked down. “Where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

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