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Chapter 192: She’s Exposing Herself

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Slim Waist Control: [Boss, have you skipped your dinner? Why are you online so early?]

Daji Plays With You: [Boss has been online quite frequently recently.]

Guan Guan: [Yes, indeed!]

Qiao Nian didn’t want to chat with them. She leaned against the wall, squatted down, and started to type.

Sun: [Do you guys have any updates over the thing I asked about?]

Slim Waist Control immediately replied: [They stopped contacting us again. (Sad face)]

Daji Plays With You: [Useless! @Slim Waist Control]

Guan Guan: [Useless @Slim Waist Control]

Slim Waist Control: [(Angry face) Talk is cheap, that person is really uncooperative. You guys wouldn’t be successful as well. He would just tell us to increase our offer. I think he’s trying to rob the bank.]

Qiao Nian continued to read his rants.

She then replied: [Increase it.]

Sun: [Agree to everything he wants, so long he can get it for me as soon as possible. Let’s increase it by ten times.]

Slim Waist Control: [If I’m right, we’ve offered hundreds of millions already. Are you sure you want to increase your offer by ten times?]

Sun: [I just want it.]

After she replied to them, Wei Lou called.

Qiao Nian didn’t want to pick up the call as she wasn’t feeling great. However, he continued to call, so she picked up with a frown.

“Hello.” Her voice was raspy.

“Have you gotten a cold?”

Qiao Nian switched her position and replied, “No. What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing much. Just want to inform you that the person you asked me to contact has replied. He’s willing to accept your condition, and they can get the rare material for you. But they have a request. You must help the patient they talked about immediately.”


Qiao Nian pouted. Was there any other thing with a higher priority to her now than Chen Chen’s leg?

But she needed the rare material.

The kid had some issues with his left leg all along. Now that his leg was broken, it was going to be a hard operation.

She couldn’t do anything without the rare material.

She relented. “… Alright.”

But she would have to add the condition that she must work on Chen Chen’s leg.

“When can I get it?”

Wei Lou was surprised. “Why are you in such a rush today?”

“I’ll pass his contact to you, you can talk to him yourself. He must be quite anxious as well. I think he’ll be happy to accept anything you want.”


Qiao Nian hung up the phone.

Then, Wei Lou’s message arrived.

Right after, [Slim Waist Control] sent her an update.

Slim Waist Control: [Boss, they don’t want the money anymore. They want us to look for a doctor in Rao City. If we can get that person, they can give us the rare material for free.]

What was going on today? It was really weird.

Boss suddenly wanted to increase her offer to the billions.

However, someone didn’t want to accept her offer, they wanted a doctor instead.

Was he still dreaming?

Qiao Nian looked at the message thoughtfully. Even though she felt that something was amiss, she couldn’t delay much further.

She didn’t reply to Slim Waist Control and called the number that Wei Lou sent her.

Her call was picked up quickly.

Qiao Nian didn’t use the voice-changer as she was going to meet them in person to collect the rare material. “Hello.

“I’m the person you’re looking for. When can you give me the material? I have urgent use for it.”

The person didn’t reply to her.

She thought that it was because her signal was weak. She checked her phone, but the signal was strong.

She asked annoyedly, “Hello, can you hear me?”

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