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Chapter 191: If I Can Bring You to Success, I Can Make You Fail as Well

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Qiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat as she clenched her fists nervously.

Qiao Nian said, “If you really pushed him down the stairs, I’m never going to let it slide!”

Qiao Chen bit on her lips. It felt as though she was humiliated.

How can she talk to me as though she’s superior to me!

However, Qiao Nian didn’t give her the chance to do so. She pulled on her collar and said coldly, “You’ve said something wrong just now. It’s not that I didn’t like you prior to this.”

Qiao Chen looked up with anger in her eyes. She then pretended to be wronged and said, “I know, you’re like this because I snatched Brother Fu from you…”

Qiao Nian didn’t look at the guy next to them and snapped rudely.

“You’re wrong, I wasn’t affected by it at all.”

She then continued coldly, “You guys were nothing to me all along!

“Whether it is you or your precious boyfriend, all of you are nothing to me. If you guys didn’t cause any trouble in front of me, I could pretend that you guys never existed.

“But if I found out that you guys had a part to play in this…” She gave a cold look as she let go of Qiao Chen’s collar. She scoffed. “Qiao Chen, you should never forget that if I can bring you to success, I can make you fail as well!”

Qiao Nian had a strong aura now. Not only was Qiao Chen shocked, but the prideful Fu family was also surprised as well.

As Madam Fu looked at Qiao Nian with such a strong presence, she started to regret her decisions.

She then looked at Qiao Chen who was cowering in her feet and looked back at Qiao Nian. She pouted.

If she had known that Qiao Nian not only had a father who was a professor and a brother who was a celebrity without being capable herself earlier, she wouldn’t have allowed Fu Ge and Qiao Chen to get together.

Qiao Nian was so much better than Qiao Chen!

However, she had offended the Fu family.

Fu Ge finally broke out of his shock. He clenched his fists, walked towards Qiao Nian, and stood in front of her. He looked at her angrily and shouted, “Qiao Nian, what are you saying? This was just an accident. Must you make such a big deal out of this! What do you mean you can bring Chen Chen to success and you can cause her to fail as well? Who do you think you are?”

Actually, he was most affected when Qiao Nian said that she didn’t care about him at all.

This made him furious.

How could she say something like that?!

“Let me be clear, Chen Chen is my girlfriend. If you lay your hands on her, I’ll never let you off!”

Qiao Nian looked at him as though he was a loser. She couldn’t figure out how she used to be in love with him. She didn’t bother to look at him as she pushed him aside and said, “You can try.”

She thought about how the kid was crying as he hugged her, saying that he was a little cripple. She could tell how angry he was and the pain he was going through. Her eyes turned cold as her rage grew and she started losing her cool.

She snapped.

“I’ll let you guys know how big the world is!”

Rao City had been too peaceful. It had been so long that someone as small as him could feel as though he could control someone’s life.

All of their eyes were wide open in shock as they couldn’t understand how she could say something like this.

The Fu family was powerful.

She was just a high-schooler, how could she say that the Fu family was nothing?

“Ha!” Fu Ge was so angry that he laughed as he clenched his fists in fury.

Qiao Nian then continued, “I’ll see how you plan not to let me off.”

She then left.

Gu San never got the chance to help her in all these…

Miss Qiao was so cool!


The way she carried herself.

She was like a wild stallion.

Could Master Wang handle a girl like her?

He started to tear up as he saw how Miss Qiao stood up for Little Young Master.

After she left the Fu family behind, Qiao Nian went to a quiet corner and took out her phone.

She logged into the Red Alliance.

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