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Chapter 190: She Slapped Qiao Chen

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Who wouldn’t want a normal pair of legs? Even though he was only five, he already knew about the harsh reality because he was from the Ye family.

Qiao Nian patted him on the head and asked gently, “Do you trust me?”

Ye Qichen looked at her in the eyes and his tears started to pour. Feeling horrible from the pain, he exclaimed, “Sister, my left leg hurts.”

“It won’t be painful in a while.” Qiao Nian could feel her feelings stirring up. She had never been this angry.

She continued to pat him on the head and hugged him, then gently said, “I won’t let anything happen to you. Don’t worry.”

She didn’t like to make promises, but she would fulfill them!

After calming him down, she passed him a can of gum. She told him that he could eat all the sweets in it. She bought grape-flavored sweets. She told him to eat one when he was in pain.

She took her stuff after Ye Qichen had calmed down and then said to Ye Wangchuan, “I have to go out.”

Ye Wangchuan had never seen Ye Qichen breakdown in public before. As he felt a strong sense of pity for him, he understood that if Ye Qichen lost his leg, his life would be ruined.

He pouted and then said, “Alright, I’ll wait for you to come back.”

He then took out his phone.

Qiao Nian didn’t know who he was trying to contact.

But she didn’t care, all she could think about was Chen Chen’s leg.

When she walked out, everyone turned to look at her.

Fu Ge was the first to ask, “Qiao Nian, is Chen Chen alright?”

How could he ask this kind of question when his leg was broken? Qiao Nian could only smile at this stupid question as she gave him a cold look.

“What are you smiling at?” Fu Ge asked annoyedly.

Qiao Nian exclaimed, “Get out of my way!”

She was really cold, and it showed that she didn’t care about him.

Shocked, Fu Ge frowned. He looked down and shouted, “What’s the matter with you? Why are you showing me your temper?”

“Let me repeat myself,” Qiao Nian said with anger in her eyes and with her hand in her pocket. “Get out of my way!”

Her presence had never been so strong before. It was as though she was an enraged lion.

Fu Ge was shocked by her presence. She then knocked him aside and walked towards Qiao Chen behind him.

In a very quick movement.

“Bam!” The sound of someone getting slapped echoed through the corridor.

Shocked, Qiao Chen held onto her face. She stared at her and asked, “What… What are you doing!”

Qiao Nian massaged her wrist after slapping her. She looked at her angrily as she stood in front of her and asked, “Did you push Chen Chen down the stairs?”

Qiao Chen backed down. She wasn’t going to admit it with the Fu family around. She then tried to defend herself softly. “I didn’t push him. He felt down by himself. I tried to stop him from falling but failed. I fell as well as a result, and my knees were scrapped.”

Qiao Nian chuckled and questioned coldly, “Qiao Chen, can you believe what you are saying?”

Qiao Chen’s face turned red in anger as she exclaimed, “I’m not lying. I know that you don’t like me, but I’m not lying!”


Taller than her, Qiao Nian looked down at her coldly.

“I’ll be investigating your claims after I’m done treating Chen Chen’s leg. If you really pushed him…”

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