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Chapter 19: Was His Nephew Rescued?

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Everyone around her knew that she had been in poor health since young.

Zhao Jingwei and the other girl supported her and asked worriedly, “Chen Chen, are you okay?”

“Why is your heart hurting all of a sudden?”

Now that Fu Ge’s attention was drawn back to her again, she said in a whisper, “I don’t know, it just suddenly started hurting.”

Fu Ge didn’t have time to worry about Qiao Nian, who was soaked all over. With a sullen face, he picked Qiao Chen up horizontally and said to Zhao Jingwei and the others, “I’ll take her to the hospital!”

“We’re going too!”

Having just been told off by the old man, Zhao Jingwei and the others didn’t have the face to stay here and took the opportunity to follow them.

Fu Ge and his party quickly passed through the crowd and left.

“Cough, cough!” Qiao Nian heaved a sigh of relief when the little boy vomited water from his stomach and then took off the acupuncture needles from the back of his neck.

Only her neck felt like it was on fire.

She wiped the place where it hurt and looked down to see her hand bloodied.

It must be because the little boy had grabbed her too hard in panic and had caused her neck to bleed.

The old man who had just told off Qiao Chen and the others noticed the wound on her neck and said worriedly, “Little girl, your neck has been scratched. Wait for the disinfection in the hospital. Don’t get infected!”


Qiao Nian didn’t take this bit of blood to heart. When Qiao Chen was seriously ill, she had drawn 300cc of blood every month for her to continue her life. This little bit of blood was no different from a mosquito bite to her.


“I’m okay.”

Still worried, the old man followed her anxiously and said, “You should go to the hospital and get a doctor to examine you. The river water is dirty, and you’ve hurt your neck. It’ll be bad if you get inflammation!”

“By the way, little girl, did you study Chinese medicine before? I think your acupuncture skills are sophisticated, not like a novice. You’re probably not in college yet at your age, right? Is someone in your family a Chinese medicine doctor? Maybe your grandma or your grandpa?”


People of his generation who knew Chinese medicine were very respected, and everyone believed in it. It was later when science and technology became more and more advanced, and only when Western medicine gradually became the first choice for everyone did Chinese medicine start to decline.

He just watched Qiao Nian use acupuncture skillfully and was curious how she knew it despite her young age.

“… No, I just randomly did it. It was just good luck.”

There was a constant buzzing sound in her ears.

Feeling a headache, Qiao Nian dug out tissue paper from her bag and wiped the blood off her neck. She then absently-minded waved off the old man.


Since the child had been saved, she still had to go shopping for school tomorrow!

At this moment, there was a commotion in the crowd, and it seemed like someone was coming towards them.

Before she could look up, she heard a familiar voice.

“Qiao Nian?”

This voice?

Looking up, Qiao Nian saw who it was and suddenly paused.

Why was it her “friend”, Jiang Li?!


When Ye Wangchuan rushed over and saw so many people gathered under the bridge, he knew that Ye Qichen must be here.

Although afraid that bad news would greet him, his strong self-control forced him to step forward, and the situation was much better than he imagined!

Ye Qichen was lying on the ground with his eyes closed, but he was still breathing. He was curled up, coughing, and spitting water out constantly.

A step away from him, he saw a girl drenched all over. Her white enamel-like skin was almost white and transparent now, and her black hair was wrapped around her snow-white neck. Her soaked clothes stuck to her body, forming a rough outline of her thin figure. Her dark eyes looked at him in astonishment when she heard him yelling, and she even seemed a little… impatient?

Ye Wangchuan never expected such a scene to greet him when he came over.

His subordinates checked Ye Qichen’s body and reported to him in relief. “Master Wang, Young Master is okay. He didn’t fall into the water for long before he was rescued. He’s unconscious and vomiting water…”


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