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Chapter 188: I Think She’s Called… Qiao Nian?

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Who in the world was this!

When the doctor-in-charge saw a high-schooler come into the room and ask him for the CT scan, he frowned.

As he was about to speak.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder and spoke softly to him. “Sir, this is the girl that helped the neurology department with the surgery. I think she’s called…”

The doctor-in-charge continued with a shock, “Qiao Nian?”

“Yes, that’s right, she’s Qiao Nian. She’s a student from the First High School, and I’ve heard that her grades are excellent. There are rumors that the medical professors from Qing University are asking her to join them. However, the principal doesn’t want her to go over as he wants a top scorer for the college entrance examination. They’re in the midst of discussing now.”

Only a few doctors graduated from Qing University.

If she worked in the hospital, her only job would be doing research. She would have a bright future ahead of her.

She was a talent.

Yet, she was just a high-schooler.

And she was only 18.

This was an infuriating comparison!

“Hey, I saw the video of her operation. I’ve never seen the techniques she used. No wonder the doctors praised her after the operation. Sir, you should let her have a look, she might know what to do.”

The doctor-in-charge had 30 years of experience. Even though he was shocked when he heard the rumors about this high-schooler, he didn’t treat it seriously.

This was made worse when he saw his assistants looking excitedly at her. It was as though she was the savior.


A deep voice appeared.

“Hand the CT scan to her.”

He turned and saw that Ye Wangchuan had spoken.

You could tell how anxious he was from his beautiful dark eyes.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw the look in his eyes. He then handed it to Qiao Nian without hesitating and said, “Be careful, don’t damage it.”

“Alright.” Qiao Nian took over the scans coldly. She then started to study it.

The ward was silent.

The doctor-in-charge saw that she didn’t say anything as she studied the scans. He then started to talk about it.

“Here, you can see his tibia and fibula. His shin bone looks skewed, so it’s an open fracture. You can see the two comminuted fractures at these areas.”

However, Qiao Nian continued to study it and didn’t react to him.

The doctor-in-charge felt humiliated. However, even though he wasn’t happy, he didn’t dare to express it in front of Ye Wangchuan. He asked, “Do you have any inputs after looking at it for so long?”

Else, she shouldn’t interrupt them!

Was she aware that if she delayed them, the kid might end up as a cripple?

Ye Wangchuan saw how serious she was that she didn’t even react to the doctor-in-charge. He looked seriously at the pretty girl.

“Nian Nian, how is it? Does Chen Chen have any hope?”

His low voice was seductive, and it would attract any girl.

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