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Chapter 187: Qiao Nian Has Arrived

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Since Gu San wasn’t willing to let them in, the Fu family didn’t dare to force their way in.

The two groups then stood outside of the ward.

Qiao Nian had finally arrived.

She didn’t care about the Fu family and walked straight in and asked worryingly, “Gu San, where’s Chen Chen?”

Gu San breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she had arrived. He loosened up a bit and spoke calmly to Qiao Nian.

“The Little Young Master is at the ward now. I’ve followed your instructions and didn’t allow anyone to touch him. But his injury is really serious…”

When Qiao Nian heard that the injury was really serious, she became even more worried. She pouted and said, “Let me have a look.”


Gu San moved out of the way and let her in.

When Qiao Nian entered, Qiao Chen asked softly, “Why can she enter but not us?”

Even though she wasn’t loud, everyone could hear what she said in the small corridor.

Fu Sinian and Madam Fu became angry.

Fu Ge looked as though he was humiliated.

No matter how powerful the Ye family was, Chen Chen was related to them, after all. Ye Wangchuan had gone too far!

Gu San just rolled his eyes and retorted coldly. “Miss Qiao knows how to operate on children. Are you capable of doing so?”

“I…” Qiao Chen was furious.

How could Qiao Nian know how to operate on children? She was just lucky the previous time and it was all a coincidence!

Ye Qichen was precious. How could they allow a high-schooler like Qiao Nian to operate on him? What if she failed…

Her lips were close to bleeding from the bitting. She clenched her fists and cursed Qiao Nian to fail. That way, Qiao Nian would have to bear the responsibility like her as well!

She could also push all the blame on her too. Qiao Nian’s stubbornness would cause a delay in getting a doctor’s opinion at the earliest possible time.

If that happened, she wouldn’t have any responsibility even if Ye Qichen became a cripple.

In the ward.

Qiao Nian saw that Ye Wangchuan looked really tired as he surrounded the bed with a group of doctors.

One of the doctors was holding Ye Qichen’s CT results. He then said sternly to Ye Wangchuan, “Ye Wangchuan, things aren’t looking good for the kid. Judging from the scan, we can see that there’s an open fracture on his shin. There are two spots with comminuted fractures!

“There are ways to treat this injury. We just need to fix a steel plate on his shin. However, he’s young and is still growing.

“His left ankle has some issues from the start as well. The comminuted fracture and the muscle tearing are making it more complex…”

Ye Wangchuan interrupted him with his deep voice. “Just tell me if you can heal him.”

“This…” The doctor-in-charge of the Orthopedics department of Rao City’s hospital didn’t dare to answer him. “We can theoretically do it, but we might not have the capabilities to treat it completely. I’m afraid we are unable to restore it to the same functionality as last time. The best we can do is allow for a chance for treatment in the future.”

That meant Ye Qichen was going to be a cripple.

Ye Wangchuan blinked and asked with suppressed rage, “What’s the worst-case scenario?”

The doctor became quieter with his strong presence. “The best case would be a chance for treatment in the future. The worst would be… amputation.”


A five-year-old was supposed to be starting to enjoy the things of this world. It should have been the most exciting of his life. Yet, he had to go through this.

No amount of money in the world would make up for the pain he had to go through.

The doctor couldn’t bear to look at the kid.

What he said was too cruel to a kid his age.

But that was the truth.

When Qiao Nian heard what the doctor said about Ye Qichen, she started to get angry. She reached out and interrupted confidently. “Let me see the scan.

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