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Chapter 181: I’m Sorry, We Can’t Sell It to You

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She was being truthful. With his height, figures, and looks, Ye Wangchuan could look good in anything.

However, she sounded like they were dating.

Fu Ge frowned as he felt annoyed.

She was with an old man at the hotel a few days ago. Now, she was trying to seduce Young Master Ye. Did she know what kind of family he was from? Did she think she could enter the Ye family?

Ye Wangchuan smiled and then glanced at Fu Ge. In a good mood, he took the other clothes from the dressing room and asked, “Should I try these as well?”

“No need for that.” Qiao Nian didn’t care about it, anyway. She just wanted him to try the clothes for fun. She didn’t mind waiting for him to try them on.

However, she didn’t want to do it anymore because of Fu Ge. She shook her head and said to the shopkeeper, “Hello, could you help me to pack these up, please.”

Then, she took out her Citibank black card.

Ye Wangchuan was shocked for a little while when he saw the black card. However, his shock disappeared quickly.

He stood there casually. Even though he looked rich, he didn’t bother to pay for it. It seemed like he was relishing the fact that Qiao Nian was buying clothes for him.

However, Fu Ge was utterly shocked when he saw Qiao Nian’s black card. He then continued to look at both of them.

The shopkeeper was really fast, and the clothes were packed already.

Qiao Nian didn’t want to stay there anymore and went out.

Ye Wangchuan then took the bags of clothes and her black card. He then brushed past Fu Ge and followed her out.

The store only had Fu Ge and Tang Ning left.

“Are we still trying the shirt?” Tang Ning asked, not knowing what to do with the sweater.

Fu Ge didn’t want to try it anymore. He then said to the shopkeeper, “Hi, could you pack this up, please.”

He turned to her and said, “Let me buy this for you.”

However, the shopkeeper that packed Qiao Nian’s purchases just now didn’t take his card.

She said to Fu Ge, “I’m sorry, sir. We’re not selling this sweater.”

Fu Ge’s face turned red with rage as he exclaimed, “What’s the meaning of this? You just sold one, right?”

“I’m sorry, we’re not selling it anymore. Please don’t make it difficult for me,” the shopkeeper said as she stood there awkwardly.

Fu Ge took a deep breath and refused to return the sweater to her. He screamed. “Give me an explanation. Else, I’m walking out of this store with the sweater no matter what!”

Even though Tang Ning was from a rich family, it was the first time she experienced something like this. Embarrassed, she pulled him. “Fu Ge, let it go. It’s just a sweater, we can buy it from another store.”

However, Fu Ge was adamant about getting a reason. With his face distorted from anger, he broke out of her hands and continued, “What’s the reason?! Tell me why are you not selling it to me!”

“Mister, please don’t act in this manner.” Even though the shopkeeper wasn’t afraid that he would make a scene, it wouldn’t look good on everyone if he did so. Hence, she told him directly, “Since you’re so adamant about it, I’ll say it. Our boss doesn’t want to sell it to you.”

Fu Ge asked, “Your boss?”

“That’s right, our boss.”

She didn’t care how angry Fu Ge was and reached out to take the shirt back. “Mister, not only are we not selling this sweater to you, we can’t sell anything to you. You’re not allowed to buy anything from our store. Please don’t make things difficult for me and return the sweater to me. You can shop at the other stores.”

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