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Chapter 180: You’re Not a F*ck Boy, You Just Want to Marry Everyone

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Fu Ge gripped the sweater tightly and hurried towards her.

“Fu Ge, what’s the matter with you?” The girl followed after him, confused by his sudden action.

She saw as he walked towards the resting area and started to speak angrily to a girl. “Why didn’t you tell me that Jiang Li was your cousin?”

When he came over, he started to question her furiously.

Qiao Nian kept the phone after pausing for a moment. She then replied, “Why must I tell you?

“You aren’t at the age where I need to burn offerings for you.” Even if he was at that age, she wouldn’t have done it as well.


Fu Ge could tell she was insulting him. His face turned cold. He clenched his fists and yelled.

“You did that on purpose because you wanted to embarrass Chen Chen. You knew that she wasn’t healthy…”

He took a deep breath and changed the topic while looking intently at her.

“You studied medicine as well? Why did I not know about it?”

He saw that she was treating a kid by the roadside previously. Even though she seemed really experienced, he thought it was just a coincidence.

It wasn’t only until he saw the video online that he found out she studied medicine!

In fact, she was really good at it.

During the one year they were together, not only did they not hold hands, she hid so many things from him.

Maybe she was still hiding more!

Qiao Nian looked up. Even though she didn’t want to care about him, she still felt disgusted. She asked, “Is Qiao Chen aware that you are talking to me?”

Fu Ge was speechless.

“Also, is Qiao Chen aware that you are shopping with another girl even though you have a girlfriend?”

Fu Ge couldn’t think of a reply.

Qiao Nian looked at him intently. She then glanced at Tang Ning behind him and scoffed. “You’re not a f*ck boy. You just want to marry everyone.”

He was rotten to the bones!

The dressing room’s door opened when she finished speaking.

The attractive man emerged from it.

Fu Ge was shocked.

Ye Wangchuan?!

Coincidentally, Ye Wangchuan was wearing the sweater he was going to try out.

The V-neck showed off his collarbone and his long neck, giving him a posh look.

He was a sexy man!

Fu Ge couldn’t compare himself to Ye Wangchuan.


Now that he was wearing the sweater, Fu Ge couldn’t bring himself to wear something similar.

Ye Wangchuan saw him and raised his brow.

“What are you doing here?” he asked using a lazy and casual tone.

Fu Ge felt humiliated.

It was the tone a guy used when he didn’t care about the other guy.

Even though Qiao Nian was there, Fu Ge didn’t dare to offend Ye Wangchuan. He felt a strong sense of humiliation as he gripped the shirt tightly and then replied to him. “I-I’m here to shop with my friend.

“Is Young Master Ye shopping as well?”

However, Ye Wangchuan didn’t care about it. He looked away from him to show that he heard what Fu Ge said and then asked Qiao Nian happily, “Is this shirt nice?”

Qiao Nian looked at him and thought it suited him well. It suited him so well that she almost forgot that Fu Ge was still around.

She praised him. “It looks great!”

“Let’s keep this one, then.”

Everyone loved looking at beautiful things, so Qiao Nian said without any hesitation.

“You look great in anything.”

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