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Chapter 179: He Saw Qiao Nian

He must have been busy with work and didn’t have the time to buy more.

But she hadn’t seen him work before.

Qiao Nian passed him all the clothes and said, “You can buy more shirts for the next few days. When the weather turns cold, you can put on an extra windbreaker.

“I chose these based on your other clothes, and I’m not sure if you will like all of them. You can remove those you don’t like and just try those that are to your liking.”

Ye Wangchuan almost couldn’t hold onto the clothes.

The clothes he wore previously were custom-made. The designers would send him the clothes based on his measurements, and he never had to try them on.

He also didn’t like to waste his time trying out clothes. However, he was willing to do so this time.

The kid wanted to go to the washroom.

The shopkeeper brought him there, and Qiao Nian was left alone in the shop as she waited for him to try his clothes.

Suddenly, a girl’s voice could be heard.

“Fu Ge, the clothes in this shop look great. I want to get something for my brother, shall we take a look?”


Qiao Nian took a deep breath as she checked the calendar on her cell phone.

It was in the middle of the ghost month. She shouldn’t have gone out.

This was really accurate!

Thank god Chen Chen was in the bathroom, or else he would see her.

It would have been a disgusting experience for him.

Qiao Nian adjusted her cap again. She was wearing it because of what was happening on the internet. She was worried about getting into unnecessary trouble if someone recognized her.

It was the best decision she made.

The two of them entered the store.

There was more than one shopkeeper in luxurious shops like these. Hence, the other shopkeeper went up to them and started to introduce their clothes.

The fashionable, slim, and tall girl took a long time before choosing a sweater.

She asked happily, “How is this, does it look nice?”

Fu Ge was forced by his family to go out on a date with this girl. They said he should go shopping with his junior from school that went for overseas education.

But it was obvious to him.

He wasn’t stupid and immediately knew that it was a match-making session. He then nonchalantly answered her, “It looks great.”

The girl looked very different from Qiao Chen.

Qiao Chen was slender and short, but she knew how to dress up and loved wearing muted colors. This was so she could show off her slim waist, causing others to be protective of her.

However, this girl was completely different. She was tall, with an hour-glass figure. Her huge earrings showed that she was a proud person.

She seemed like the direct type of person.

As he expected.

She passed the shirt to the handsome guy and said lovingly, “My brother seems to have the same figure as you. Could you help him to try it on?”

It was obvious that she wanted to buy the shirt for him.

As Fu Ge had a girlfriend, he should have rejected her.

However, he didn’t reject her outright. He frowned and took over the shirt after hesitating for a while and then said, “Tang Ning, I…”

The Tang and Fu families were on equal footing.

Hence, being in a relationship with Tang Ning would be more helpful to him as compared to Qiao Chen.

This was the reason why he couldn’t reject her outright.

Just as he was figuring out a way to tell her that he had a girlfriend without hurting her feelings, he noticed a lady in the corner of his eye.

Even though she was wearing a baseball cap and was trying to hide, he could still tell who it was from her exposed chin.

Qiao Nian!

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