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Chapter 172: Little Brat’s a Pea Shooter

Ye Qichen turned around and glared at him. His dark, deep, and beautiful eyes were just like Ye Wangchuan’s. “It’s a big deal to me! A huge deal! Bigger than my own!”

Gu San knew he liked Qiao Nian a lot, but he didn’t know it was to such an extent.

He was stunned for a moment and had no idea how to coax him.

Ye Qichen didn’t bother about him anymore. He turned around and faced his iPad, scrolling through a thread targeted at Qiao Nian.

He then started commenting in rebuttal.

[Have you seen my sister? Who are you to call her ugly? I say you’re the ugly one. You’re the ugliest!]

[My sister’s results have always been good. You can only score 30 marks, so you’re saying that she cheated because she managed to score 130 marks. Hahaha!]

[That other girl bullied my sister first. So what if she doesn’t have a father? I don’t have a mother, and I’m not a bully!]

[My sister is prettier than her and is kind and adorable. My sister doesn’t have parents, either. You guys are bullying her without knowing anything about her. You guys are bad people! Terrible people!]

Gu San watched as his fingers tapped away on the screen as if he was shooting peas against the glass surface.

Ye Qichen wanted to scold every single one of Qiao Nian’s haters.

As he typed on, his eyes started turning red.

Tears got onto his lashes and his emotions dipped to a low. He said softly, “Uncle Gu San, tell me, why are they all bullying my sister? They don’t even know her, how can they say she isn’t good?”

Some people made things sound especially awful.

Saying that his sister was a fake rich girl and deserved to be abandoned since the beginning.

That they would rather drown themselves in the toilet bowl than give birth to a daughter like her.

“Little Young Master, don’t cry.” Gu San’s heart broke as he watched Ye Qichen tear up.

The doorbell rang at this moment.

Ye Qichen wiped his tears on his sleeves and hopped off the couch to put on his shoes as if he was alright already. He then hurried to the door.

Qiao Nian had just entered when she felt a little kid’s head against her belly.

“Sister, I’ve missed you!”

Qiao Family hugged him and ruffled his hair, then looked down at him and asked, “Have you been good at home today?”

“Mm, I was very good.”

Ye Qichen took out a piece of pink paper from his pocket which had been folded into a heart and stuffed it into her hand.

“Read this later.”

Ye Wangchuan was behind her and happened to see the heart-shaped letter. He raised a brow and asked, “What did you write?”

“Something you can’t read!” Ye Qichen’s face was red. He wouldn’t let go of Qiao Nian as he stomped his feet. He looked up a little abashedly and kept his huge eyes on Qiao Nian as if branding her image into his head. “Sister, don’t be afraid. I will surely protect you! I won’t let anyone bully you!”


Ye Wangchuan grabbed him by the collar and lifted him away from the girl. He then put him on the side and said mercilessly, “Just take care of your own matters. Your sister has got me, she doesn’t need a five-year-old boy worrying about her matters.”

Having been extracted from the nice, warm hug, Ye Qichen almost threw another fit. But he noticed that Qiao Nian was right there.

Hence, he swallowed his anger.

He probably wasn’t a Ye family child. If he wasn’t picked from the bin by his mother, then his uncle must have been picked from the bin by Grandpa.

Either way, they weren’t related by blood.

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