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Chapter 171: The Jiang Family Is This Powerful?

Tang Guosheng’s expression wasn’t any less awful than hers. He rubbed his temple as he said, “I asked around and heard that it’s Mayor Yuan’s idea.”

Tang Wei tightened her grip around her beaded bracelet and mumbled anxiously, “Wasn’t Mayor Yuan transferred here from Beijing? Why is he getting himself involved in this for no reason?”

Rao City’s mayor was a man of a good family background from Beijing. Wasn’t he here just to enhance and improve his status?

He was still going to return to Beijing after two years.

People like this usually wouldn’t interfere in such trivial matters.

They didn’t care to!

Tang Guosheng pursed his lips. He had been in Rao City for so many years and had his own network. He turned to ask his mother, “Would Old Master Jiang know Mayor Yuan?”

Tang Wei’s eyelids twitched as she shifted the beads on her bracelet. She somehow felt that this wasn’t the case. Then again, she couldn’t think of any other possibility.

“I’ve met Mayor Yuan a few times, I can look him up and see how it goes. Perhaps he’ll give this old woman some face.”

Liang Heng’s call came at this moment.

Tang Wei was getting old and her hearing was deteriorating. She usually turned on the speaker mode when she received calls.

She had just said hello.

Liang Heng, on the other end, started rambling like a machine gun.

“Teacher Tang, where is this Qiao Nian from? Didn’t you tell me that this was just an ordinary case of students finding trouble? And that she only had the Jiang family behind her?”

“Yes, why would I lie to you?”

“Then, why is the provincial department investigating me? I’ve received a few calls since this morning, and it’s all about the First High School case. Teacher Tang, you’d better think hard about who’s behind Qiao Nian. Could we have offended someone we shouldn’t have? If this goes on, I’ll have to bring some gifts and offer my apology to them.”

Just a while ago, Tang Wei was saying that she would only consider letting this matter go if Qiao Nian apologized to her.

It had been less than a half-hour and the tables had turned.

She reassured Liang Heng for a bit and then hung up. A sense of uneasiness filled the air.

She intuitively turned to look at her son, still frowning. “Since when did the Jiang family have such connections?”

Old Master Su of the provincial department wasn’t easy to get along with. In all her life, she had never seen that man stand up for anybody.

Did the Jiang family grow to become so powerful?

Tang Guosheng shook his head with a pale face as he tried to persuade her. “Mom, why don’t we let this go? Whatever favor we owe the Zhao family, we can just make up for it in monetary terms. Why get ourselves involved in such trouble?”

Tang Wei had lived for decades and made a name for herself in the upper class of society. She had led the Tang family into the Beijing society and was one who considered her judgment to be good.

She had been adept at examining and judging situations since she was young.

But this Qiao Nian was becoming a thorn in her flesh. Each time she thought about how humiliated she was at such an age, she felt a punch to her gut.

“…We’ll see how it goes.” Tang Wei was frustrated and responded patronizingly. She then got Tang Qi to help her back to her room.

Feeling a gush of cold air above her head, she got dizzy from all the anger.

She was afraid she would really pass out from anger if she didn’t head to her room to rest.

Fancy being humiliated this way at the age of 70!

Hui Teng drove home safely.

At home, Gu San was racking his brain trying to think of how to coax the angered little brat on the couch.

“Little Young Master, Old Master Ye will get angry with the way you spoke to him.”

Ye Qichen didn’t even look up at him, still expressing his displeasure. “I won’t love him anymore if he doesn’t help Sister!”

“But that’s just a case of students fighting with one another. Given Old Master Ye’s status, how could he interfere with such trivial matters?”

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