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1655 Some People Are Destined to Shine

No matter what Shen Jingyan thought, Qiao Nian had already left the Imperial Mansion. After she left, she wasn’t in a hurry to return to the Rhine Apartments. Instead, she called Nie Mi and went to Qing University.

She had not been to Qing University in a long time. It was still the same and full of vitality.

The campus was filled with youthful university students carrying books. They walked together in groups of threes and fours, chatting about which professor’s class they chose and which professor was giving an exam today…

Qiao Nian put on her earphones and lowered the brim of her cap. Her goal was clear as she walked towards the principal’s office.

She kept a low profile.

However, her aura was too strong.

Along the way, many people noticed her.

Everyone at Qing University knew that there was an amazing freshman this year. In just half a year, she won first place in two international competitions—the Medical Competition and the World Software Competition. She defeated many famous overseas contestants and brought glory to the country.

Moreover, this newcomer was especially good-looking.

Qing University’s forum regarded this first-year junior as a godly beauty. From first-year to fourth-year students, and even to the research institute, everyone acknowledged this new student as the campus belle.

Moreover, she was an academic researcher and rock musician. Recently, she had even shown a hand in restoring cultural relics on a variety show…

Therefore, Qiao Nian was very popular at Qing University.

She had already kept a low profile, but people still stopped on the way and pointed at her.

“Could that be… Qiao Nian?”

“F*ck, God Qiao has returned to school?”

“Why didn’t anyone from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department say that Elder Huang has a class today?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then why did God Qiao return to Qing University?”

The boys from Dorm 3306 also heard people talking on the way back from the basketball court. Zhou Yang held the basketball as he bumped Wen Ziyu with his hand.

“Young Master Wen, I heard your goddess’s name. She seems to have returned to school.”

Wen Ziyu only went to Wei Ying’s birthday banquet to show his face.

He found an excuse to slip away as soon as Qiao Nian left.

He had just arrived at school.

There was no need for Zhou Yang to say anything. Wen Ziyu could already see the girl’s back view not far away. Her back view was memorable.

“Aren’t you going to catch up and chat with her?” Zhou Yang also saw Qiao Nian not far ahead and was quite excited. He elbowed Wen Ziyu’s arm again and urged him.

Wen Ziyu didn’t move, his handsome face briefly hesitating before calming down.

He snatched the basketball from Zhou Yang, hooked his arms around his neck, and dragged him to the basketball court. “Let’s go, play a game with me!”

Zhou Yang was still thinking about Qiao Nian, who was not far away. As he was dragged back by him, he said, “Your goddess is just ahead. If you miss her, who knows when you will see her again? Don’t you usually care about your goddess’s status the most? You’re the most active on Weibo. You don’t even go up to greet her. How are you going to chase a girl like this?”

“Chase my ass!”

“Don’t you like—”

“Who said that I have to chase her just because I like her!”

Wen Ziyu raised his eyebrows. Without another word, he pulled him onto the field.

“Play ball! Play ball!”

Seeing that he was really not chasing after her, Zhou Yang rubbed his nose and followed him to the court to vent his anger.

Halfway through, Wen Ziyu suddenly stopped. He turned around and looked at the back of the girl who was walking further and further away. After taking a deep look, he turned back and hugged the basketball with both hands, walking steadily.

Some people were destined to shine. When she was close to you, you would be attracted by her radiance.

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