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1652 Ye Lan Can’t Even Be Bothered to Find an Excuse

Today was her 50th birthday. According to tradition, her birthday called for a big celebration.

However, she was not satisfied with the people who came today.

They were all small fries who clung to the Wei and Shen families. Only a few people in the capital’s circle came. In Particular, none of the Ye and Wen families came.

At least Wen Ziyu from the Wen family came.

It was almost midnight, but no one from the Ye family came.

“Chief Wen said that she has a meeting to attend and is not in Beijing. She asked me to congratulate you on your happiness and longevity. She can’t come.”

Shen Jingyan personally contacted Wen Ruxia. She spoke politely on the phone and found a reasonable excuse not to come.

“Mrs. Wen isn’t here, either. Only Young Master Wen is representing his family at your birthday banquet.”

Wei Ying pulled a long face and her eyebrows twitched. She held a string of beads in her hand. She looked loving and gentle on the surface, but it was just a cover-up. “Hmph, I think they don’t want to come!”

“Mom, how could that be? Don’t think too much. Isn’t Young Master Wen here? It’s good that someone is representing the family.” Shen Jingyan tried to smooth things over and coax her.

Wei Ying knew all too well.

Ever since Old Master Wei passed away, she had fallen out with her younger brother, Wei Mingxuan, because she had asked Liang Lu to perform surgery on her father.

The family’s reputation was not as good as before.

Those families that still clung to them and were on good terms with them were all smart. They all stood on Wei Mingxuan’s side and collectively isolated her.

These people did not want to fall out with him. Thus, they all found excuses not to come.

In the end…

Wasn’t it because Wei Mingxuan and Wei Lou refused to attend her birthday banquet?!

Those people were just following Wei Mingxuan’s orders.

All of them were smart.

“Where’s the Ye family? If no one from the Wen family doesn’t come, then no one from the Ye family will come either?” Wei Ying quickly fiddled with the beads as she spoke.

Shen Jingyan found it difficult to speak.

Wei Ling had no choice but to tell her personally, “I just called Ye Lan. President Ye said that they won’t be coming.”

“What?” Wei Ying did not react at first and thought that she had not finished speaking. Seeing that Wei Ling had stopped talking, she looked shocked. “They’re not coming? That’s all? She didn’t say why?”

Wei Ling’s face felt hot and awkward. She didn’t know how to break it to her. She held her arm and shook her head. “President Ye didn’t say anything. She only said that they weren’t coming. I didn’t know how to answer for a moment. After that, I hung up in a daze without asking why she wasn’t coming.”

If Ye Lan did not come, Old Master Ye would not lower himself to come.

However, the other party was too lazy to even find an excuse. That was extremely disrespectful to them!

Wei Ying was so angry that her mouth was crooked, and she almost couldn’t breathe. Her expression instantly turned ugly. “What, what do they mean?”

Shen Jingyan and Wei Ling stood still. Neither of them answered.

The couple looked at each other and saw the anxiety and discomfort in each other’s eyes.

However, since no one was willing to give Wei Ying face, they were even more helpless.

At this moment.

Shen Jingyan was in a terrible state when he suddenly saw a person walking towards them. He was stunned for a moment before shouting, “Nian Nian?!”

Qiao Nian?

Wei Ying and Wei Ling looked up in unison, their faces filled with surprise as if they didn’t understand why Qiao Nian had come.

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