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Chapter 164: They Felt Awkward for Her Through the Phone

“Could your sister be here today?”

Even the emcee misunderstood him. She then glanced at both of them and asked smilingly, “Could it be our female guest?

“Chen Chen, do you know Jiang Li?”

However, Qiao Chen suddenly had a bad feeling about this. She held onto her dress and looked nervously at the guy in the center stage.

She forced a sweet smile and said, “Of course I know him.”

“Jiang Li was a student of First High School as well. Hence, I’m his junior.”

Wouldn’t his sister be his junior as well?

The audience went wild.

[Damn, it’s too sweet.]

[The sweet thing that Jiang Li was referring to was Qiao Chen all along.]

[I’m dying. Why must it be Qiao Chen? To be frank, I didn’t like her because she’s so pretentious! So, does that mean that she gave the bracelet he showed just now? She’s already attached, it’s too shameless for her to give a bracelet to someone, even if he’s her senior!]

Shen Qingqing looked at her phone and wanted to tear her to pieces.

“Qiao Chen is too disgusting! How is she so good at it?

“She must have thought that your brother wouldn’t want to deny all her allegations in front of the entire country. But this is too disgusting. Her boyfriend is a rich second-generation heir, right? Why would Fu Ge allow her to act like this? Isn’t he embarrassed to have a girlfriend like her?”

Liang Bowen, Chen Yuan, and the rest of Class A were disgusted by her.

It was obvious that Jiang Li was referring to Sister Nian.

The bracelet must have been a gift from Sister Nian as well, right?

They saw that Jiang Li was wearing a black bracelet during lunch. The person that picked Sister Nian was wearing a silver one.

It was obvious that they were gifts from Sister Nian.

Shen Qingqing grabbed onto Qiao Nian and asked, “Nian Nian, are you going to allow her to continue?”

Qiao Nian was amused. She leaned back and answered nonchalantly, “What else can I do? I can’t just appear in the show and expose her lies.

“I don’t have that ability.”

Shen Qingqing knew that as well. But she was still angry, and she mumbled to herself. “That’s why I’m so upset!

“Isn’t she rich? Why is her behavior so horrible!”

Her parents would often tell her to be truthful in everything she did. It was wrong for her to crave fame.

Qiao Chen was rich already. Yet, she would often boast about her upbringing every day on the school’s forum.

The things that she did weren’t what a real rich girl would do.

She couldn’t be compared to an unpopular celebrity.

Just as she ranted, the emcee understood what was going on. She then looked funny at Jiang Li and asked, “So Jiang Li was a student from Rao City’s First High School. It’s such a coincidence.”

She finally understood what the sister thing was about.

Qiao Chen breathed a sigh of relief as she thought that she managed to make the connection.

However, Jiang Li wasn’t going to let her lies continue any further, which wasn’t what Qiao Chen expected.

“I only studied there for half a semester. I transferred out because of family issues. I’m technically not a student of First High School.”

What he meant was that he wasn’t Qiao Chen’s senior!

Everyone froze.

The emcee was utterly shocked.

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