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Chapter 163: Isn’t It Pretty, My Sister Gave This to Me!

However, when it was Jiang Li’s turn, the emcee added, “Jiang Li, from your previous interview, I’ve heard that you liked fair girls, with long hair, and an obedient look. Chen Chen seems to be the perfect fit. Chen Chen also told me that she’s a big fan of yours. It’s such a coincidence~

“I’ve also heard that you received a bracelet as a gift recently.

“You even wrote a post about it, saying that the person who gave it to you is the sweetest thing out of this cruel world.”

Qiao Chen was really nervous. She had been riding on Jiang Li’s popularity recently. Her followers on Weibo had been increasing because of it.

If Jiang Li didn’t reject her outright, she could still continue to do so.

She heard that Jiang Li was a gentleman and wouldn’t be rude to girls. Even when he encountered people trying to leech off him, he wouldn’t make things difficult for them. The furthest he would go was not to reply to them.

Now that the family’s business was struggling, she had to rely on herself…

“Hence, I wanted to ask. Do you consider Chen Chen as your ideal type?”

She smiled gently when the emcee spoke and tidied up her hair, as though she was embarrassed by the question.

Jiang Li stood confidently in front of the camera with a calm look on his handsome face. He then spoke without looking at Qiao Chen, “Oh, that was about my sister.”

Shen Qingqing turned to Qiao Nian.

Wasn’t that Sister Nian!

“Nian Nian, Jiang Li is speaking about you.”

Qiao Nian frowned. She was having a headache from their reaction.

Could they give it a break?

The emcee was curious as well and asked, “You have a sister?”

Jiang Li’s face became less strict when he talked about Qiao Nian. He smiled and looked down.

“Yes, I do.

“She even gave me a gift a few days ago.”

He then showed the bracelet he was wearing to the camera.

“Isn’t it pretty? My sister gave this to me!”

The audience went wild.

[Damn, my baby looks so blessed. I hate myself for not having a brother like Jiang Li!]

[I’m jealous. I’m a sinful person! I actually believed that Qiao Chen was going out with my idol. Qiao Chen is so shameless! The bracelet was a gift from his sister, and yet she claimed that she was the one who gave it to him. There’s no end to her shamelessness.]

[This country owes me a brother!]

[Can I know who the sister is? Does she want a sister-in-law that can do chores and make babies with her brother?]

Qiao Chen claimed credit because she thought Jiang Li wouldn’t talk about his personal life.

But now she felt humiliated and turned red from the embarrassment.

But the camera was on her now, as though it wanted to capture her embarrassment.

The emcee was excited because Jiang Li was famous for not talking about his personal life. It was the first time he was doing so in front of the camera. She passed the microphone to him and asked, “Wow, you have a great sister. She even gave her brother a gift. Can I know how old she is now and where she’s studying?”

Jiang Li smiled as he kept his bracelet, as though he didn’t want to let others see it anymore. He then said, “She’s studying in Rao City. She’s in her third year now.”

As Jiang Li was really popular, everyone would be watching the shows he appeared on.

Qiao Chen spent quite a bit of money to get the netizens to support her on this show. Hence, these netizens were commenting now.

[A third-year in Rao City? The same year as Qiao Chen? Could it be Qiao Chen?]

[Hehe, to those that scolded our Chen Chen just now, are you ashamed of yourselves? Jiang Li’s sister is our Chen Chen.]

[But Jiang Li never said that his sister was Qiao Chen, right?]

[Who else could it be but Qiao Chen? I’ve heard that she’s rich. Not only is she pretty, but she’s also rich and talented as well. Please, stop being jealous of her.]

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