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1621 Looking Down on Sister Nian

The corners of Wei Xueying’s lips curled up in disdain. She retracted her gaze and said coldly, “There are many beautiful people in the entertainment industry. How many of them can stand out? They’re just flower vases.”

“That’s true.” The assistant had been with her for almost a year and knew her temper well. He knew how to make her happy. Thus, he immediately looked away and said disdainfully, “She’s just average-looking. There are so many passersby like her outside. She’s not even half as good-looking as you.”

Wei Xueying felt much better after hearing his words. She retracted her gaze arrogantly and stopped looking at Qiao Nian.

The assistant looked at the time on his watch and said anxiously, “Let’s go in. Otherwise, we won’t be able to make it in time for the makeup.”

Wei Xueying nodded and followed her assistant into the television station.

She was one of the most popular female idols who had recently debuted on a popular show.

Wei Xueying came to participate in a variety show this time.

The resources were average, but for a newbie idol like her who had just debuted and had a few fans and a little fame, this was already very good.

Therefore, Wei Xueying also valued the opportunity to appear on this variety show.

She and her assistant were about to go to the artiste’s exclusive lounge to do their makeup when they encountered a man in his forties walking hurriedly towards them…

The assistant immediately bumped Wei Xueying with his hand. He lowered his voice and said with excitement, “Xueying, it’s Director Tan!”

Tan Ninghao was the overall director and producer of the variety show they were going to be recording this time. It could be said that he was the sole decision-maker of this variety show.

Wei Xueying naturally saw Tan Ninghao.

The age of 40 was the best time for a man. Men of this age group were always mature and steady. The middle-aged man was wearing mocha blue work clothes. He was tall and looked elegant and handsome.

Nervous, she immediately smiled and greeted the person walking over. “Hello, Director Tan.”

The man suddenly stopped in his tracks as if he had just noticed them. He was stunned for a second and frowned as he looked at Wei Xueying and then at the assistant and staff beside her before slowly asking, “You are?”

Wei Xueying had always thought that the talent show she participated in was very popular and that even she herself had become popular recently.

To her surprise, the director did not recognize her.

She stiffened, then introduced herself in embarrassment. “Hello, Director Tan. My name is Wei Xueying. I’m one of the guests participating in this show.

“That’s my assistant next to me.” She did not forget to introduce her assistant.

Her assistant hurriedly greeted the man respectfully. “Hello, Director Tan.”

Only then did Tan Ninghao look enlightened. He nodded gently and said, “Oh, I remember that your name is among the guests this time.”

Wei Xueying smiled obsequiously. She was no longer as arrogant as before and acted ingratiatingly. “Yes, this is my first time recording such a variety show. I hope Director Tan can look out for me.”

“It’s fine. Our variety show doesn’t have any rules. Just relax.”

Tan Ninghao comforted her briefly and picked up his cell phone. Clearly, he still had something on. He hurriedly said to them, “The dressing room is just around the corner on the left. You guys go over first. I’ll pick someone up.”

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