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Chapter 162: Have You Heard of the Konghou

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Shen Qingqing’s eyes sparkled as she talked about her favorite artist. “She even used an ancient Chinese harp called the Konghou. The other musicians were amazed when they learned about it.”

Liang Bowen looked at her and scoffed. “Didn’t you like Jiang Li? I thought you were a huge fan of his?”

“They’re different kinds of likes!” Shen Qingqing scoffed back and rolled her eyes at him.

She liked Jiang Li for his looks and Chase Light for her talent!

She then continued, “Sister Nian, have you heard of Konghou? That’s our cultural heritage, and it’s rare for people to know how to play it nowadays. Those that know about it are masters.”

Qiao Nian leaned against her chair calmly and replied to her nonchalantly, “I haven’t heard of it before.”


Even though Shen Qingqing was disappointed, she wasn’t surprised.

It was rare for someone to know about something like that, anyway.

It was expected that Sister Nian hadn’t heard of it.

She changed the topic and suddenly said, “Oh right, I’ve heard from a student in Class B that Qiao Chen is attending a television show.

“The guest of honor is my…” She almost wanted to address Jiang Li as her child. She glanced at Qiao Nian and changed what she said to: “Your brother is the guest of honor.”

I’m so sorry.

Sister Nian is my friend and I can’t be her sister-in-law!

Ever since the students from Class A went for a meal with Qiao Nian and her dad, they also found out that Jiang Li was her cousin. Hence, it was funny when the students from Class A boasted about how Qiao Chen was attending the same show as Jiang Li and how close they would be in that show.


It was only a show, how close could they be?

Would it be as close as them when they ate together?

As it was still the physical education lesson, there wasn’t much for them to do. Shen Qingqing then took out her phone and mumbled to herself. “The show should be streaming now. Let me find it and see what Qiao Chen is up to!”

Everyone in Class A knew that Qiao Nian liked to keep a low profile.

Hence, no one said anything about how she got a celebrity as a family member.


Thus, the school’s forum had been flooded with posts praising Qiao Chen.

Qiao Chen was also riding on Jiang Li’s popularity online. Now that she was going to appear in the same show as him, she must be up to something!

When she opened the video, she saw that Qiao Chen was performing.

She was wearing a pale green dressing gown sitting in front of a grand piano. She had some light makeup on her fair face and she was playing the song that she talked about just now.

But she wasn’t playing the original version, she was playing Jiang Li’s version.

Shen Qingqing was disgusted by how hard she was trying to suck up to him as Jiang Li’s loyal fan.

She gripped her phone and asked, “Could she not try to push herself onto my boy?”

However, most of the netizens believed what she said and supported this couple.

And it triggered Jiang Li’s fans.

If they were to scold her, they would be canceled because she was just a young girl. The other netizens would attack them.

However, it triggered them too much if they couldn’t scold her.

Why did she choose to play this song and what was she trying to do when she smiled at Jiang Li?

Did she eye problems?

Qiao Nian wasn’t surprised by how angry Shen Qingqing was.

Qiao Chen had always been like this.

Now that the Qiao Family lost the Cheng Feng corporation’s support, Qiao Chen had to make use of every opportunity!

However, the emcee wasn’t great at understanding her skill level. She kept praising her after Qiao Chen was done. She even asked each guest how she performed.

Since she was just a young lady, they all praised her.

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