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1616 Still Dreaming

Of course, Jiang Xianrou was not stupid. She had also thought about the problem of the seller.

She had asked Jiang Yao to investigate, but he found nothing.

She only knew that the seller was a low-key ‘old Chinese doctor’ related to Wei Lou.

The Wei family was one of the top families in Beijing. She was not enough to compete with them with her current ability. However, she wouldn’t be afraid of Wei Lou once she obtained the formula.

At that time, she would find the person who made the small pill and threaten him to seal his mouth. The small pill market would belong to her!

“Remember to pack more clothes. The weather in Country M is not good, and the temperature difference between day and night is huge. Remember to bring cold medicine and other commonly used medicine, just in case you need to use them. You’re unfamiliar with the place over there, and there’s no one to take care of you.” Tang Wanru was still telling her about picking Jiang Li up from the hospital tomorrow and helping her pack her luggage. Jiang Xianrou did not listen to a single word.

She was distracted and did not hear what her mother said clearly.

She kept thinking about the recipe for the small pill and the assessment.

The next day.

Qiao Nian went to settle the discharge procedures for Jiang Li.

She bumped into Tang Wanru and the others who came to pick him up.

Tang Wanru didn’t like Qiao Nian because of what happened last time, so her expression was naturally not good. Her face darkened the moment she saw her. She straightened her shawl and said coldly, “You’re here too? It’s really a case of a weasel paying respects to a chicken. I wonder what she’s thinking!”

Jiang Zongnan looked embarrassed and immediately stopped her. “Enough! As an aunt, what are you talking about? Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Tang Wanru gritted her teeth in hatred whenever she thought about how Qiao Nian had ruined Jiang Xianrou’s chance to go to the Independent Continent. Naturally, she wasn’t polite to her. “If she’s not embarrassed, why should I be?”

Jiang Zongnan frowned and looked at her unhappily.

Tang Wanru pretended not to see it. She snorted and said to the girl who was walking towards them with the discharge procedures in her hand, “I’ll transfer the money to you. Our family can’t afford your money. I’m afraid we’ll have to return it to you later. Why don’t I give it to you now?”

Qiao Nian pretended not to see her and brushed past her.

Tang Wanru gritted her teeth.

She stopped rummaging through her bag as if she had been slapped in public. Her blood surged and she almost lost her cool.

What did she mean?!

Jiang Zongnan knew that she was angry because Qiao Nian had come to warn Jiang Xianrou last time. That was why she had said so much in a fit of anger. He couldn’t stop her.

It wasn’t convenient for him to say anything in public. He frowned and stopped Tang Wanru.

He turned around and followed the girl. After some thought, he said, “Nian Nian, Jiang Li spent a lot of money on the hospitalization this time, right? I can’t let you pay for everything. Send me his hospitalization fees and I’ll transfer the amount to you.”

He said this without malice.

It was just that, to put it bluntly, his behavior itself was irrelevant.

At least it wasn’t something close relatives would do.

It was too distant.

And too well calculated.

Qiao Nian had initially ignored Tang Wanru, but when Jiang Zongnan followed behind her and talked about repaying her the hospitalization fees, she stopped in her tracks. “You want to give me money?”

Jiang Zongnan was stunned for a moment when her black eyes swept past him. He reacted. “I just don’t think I can use your money. Your money is also…”

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