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1614 Everyone Is Discussing Qiao Nian, Slap in the Face

Zhang Yang, Qin Si, Bo Jingxing, and the others all liked his post.

The Ye family clearly wanted to acknowledge this future Young Madam of the Ye family.

Ye Wangchuan didn’t add many people on WeChat, but someone took a screenshot and posted it in the group.

Previously, Jiang Xianrou had been kicked out of the group by Qin Si, but there was more than one group in this circle. Ruan Sisi and the others pulled her into another group.

In this group, other than Ruan Sisi and the others, there were also some people from Beijing’s circle.

The group was extremely lively at this moment.

[Master Wang posted on his Moments.]

[This has been officially announced, right?]

[Previously, Young Master Ye publicly called everyone in the group to introduce Qiao Niao. He should have admitted it then. Tsk, I heard that this girl is only a freshman, and she came from Rao City.]

[I saw Elder Ye and the others praising it below. This time, it can be considered a parental certification. It has been made public to the circle.]

Jiang Xianrou came out of the room after taking a shower. Her hair was still wet.

Hearing her phone beeping away, she walked over and picked it up. She saw that everyone in the group was discussing the Moments when she opened WeChat.

Jiang Xianrou tightened her grip on her phone and instinctively opened her Moments.

When she scrolled down, she found her circle of friends empty.

Only then did she remember that Ye Wangchuan had already blocked her on WeChat.

Jiang Xianrou’s mood hit rock bottom. She opened Ruan Sisi’s group chat again and took a look. The group was still in a heated discussion about Qiao Nian.

What college entrance examination top scorer?

Zhui Guang?

How popular Qiao Nian’s recent MV was?

Every discussion about Qiao Nian in the group seemed to hit her in the face, making her feel extremely embarrassed. She even wanted to leave the group chat.

Ruan Sisi sent her a private WeChat message at this moment.

[Xianrou, I heard you were moving?]

Jiang Xianrou took a deep breath. Her eyes were gloomy and her face was cold as she replied expressionlessly. [Yes, my father bought a new house. We plan to move there.]

Ruan Sisi’s message came back quickly.

[Then is the house you’re living in now vacant? Are you not living there anymore?]

Jiang Xianrou was already in a bad mood. Her mood worsened when she saw this question. However, it would seem even worse if she didn’t reply.

Therefore, Jiang Xianrou hesitated for a moment before replying [Not really. Hasn’t my uncle been living in the staff dormitory of Qing University? My father means that even if the house is empty, it will be empty too. He plans to let my uncle’s family live here.]

Almost everyone in the circle knew about her relationship with Qiao Nian, and Ruan Sisi was no exception.

Ruan Sisi immediately understood. [Doesn’t that mean that Qiao Nian will have to move into your house too?]

Jiang Xianrou was extremely annoyed and replied perfunctorily. [Ah, right?]

[She doesn’t have a place to stay, either.] Jiang Xianrou sent another message.

Ruan Sisi said nothing for a long moment.

Jiang Xianrou did not want to continue chatting with her.

Just then, someone knocked on the door. She looked in the direction of the door, put the phone down, and walked over to open it.

Tang Wanru stood at the door with a bowl of bird’s nest.

She walked in and said, “You just got out of the shower? Come, Mom made you bird’s nest soup. Come have a sip.”

“Mom, didn’t I say that I’m on a diet?” Although Jiang Xianrou said that, she still walked over and pulled out a chair to sit down.

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