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1612 Qin Si Finally Knows Who Betrayed Him

She still wasn’t used to having something on her wrist.

Her brow was a little dry. She scratched her hair and said in a low voice, “It’s not convenient for me to bring it with me when I shower and play games. I can easily lose it.”

Ye Wangchuan knew her personality. She liked simplicity and disliked trouble.

He reached over and ruffled the girl’s hair, perfectly good-natured. “I know. Just wear it for two days. Put it away if you don’t want to wear it later.”

Qiao Nian frowned again. She didn’t think it was a good idea, so she didn’t say anything.

Ye Wangchuan lowered his eyelashes and restrained the smile in his eyes, as if he knew what she was thinking. He said unhurriedly, “This is only our 100-day gift. When the time comes, there will also be your birthday gift, half-year gift, one-year gift, Valentine’s Day gift… Nian Nian, are you going to wear all of them?”

Qiao Nian pictured herself as a Christmas tree, with her entire body covered in gifts. The corners of her mouth twitched, and she quickly looked up. “Ahem, I haven’t given you a gift yet. What do you want?”

She remembered the ‘gift’ Ye Wangchuan wanted as soon as she finished speaking.

Thus, she added, “I’ll make one for you when I get back from Rao City. I’ll have to see what to buy.”

Qiao Nian reacted so quickly that Ye Wangchuan didn’t even have time to respond. He realized what she was thinking upon seeing that she wasn’t looking at him. He couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “Okay.”

Qiao Nian’s heart burned. Her earlobes felt hot, and she felt uncomfortable all over. She changed the topic. “By the way, I’m going to Rao City the day after tomorrow. Just letting you know.”

“Are you sure you want to participate in that variety show?” Ye Wangchuan knew that Qiao Nian was deliberately changing the topic, but he cooperated calmly with her.

As expected.

The girl’s tense back relaxed, and she grunted in acknowledgment, returning to normal. “I was originally going there. Got some errands to run.”

She was going to find what the Morse code left in the black box said.

“What time the day after tomorrow?”

Qiao Nian thought for a moment. “Eight in the morning.

“The variety show starts live at eleven. I have to go to them first when I get there. It’ll take a while on the way.”

The flight was too early.

She had to get up at six o’clock.

Qiao Nian felt inexplicably frustrated at the thought of waking up early. However, she had already promised Wen Ruxia that she would go. She never went back on her word.

“I have to get up early the day after tomorrow. I’ll go straight to the airport when I get up.” What she meant was that she would leave early the morning after tomorrow, and she wouldn’t say goodbye to him.

Unexpectedly, Ye Wangchuan naturally brushed away her thin bangs and put down his hand. He said, “I have something on the day after tomorrow and can’t leave. I’ll send you to the airport in the morning. I’ll look for you at Rao City after I’m done with things here.”

Qiao Nian opened her mouth, wanting to say that that wasn’t what she meant.

But Ye Wangchuan didn’t give her the chance. “It’s decided!”

Qiao Nian composed herself and didn’t say anything else. She just nodded in agreement.

The Qin family.

Qin Si went back and was taught a lesson. It wasn’t easy for him to get the person who betrayed him out of Mother Qin. He ran out when she went to the restroom and sent a WeChat message angrily.

[Master Wang, why did you betray me and tell my mother that I was playing games at your house?!]

There was no reply.

Still depressed, Qin Si sent a bunch of messages.

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