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1610 Master Wang: What Did You Tell Her?

On the other side, Qiao Nian had already returned to the apartment.

Gu San went out to send Qin Si off and had yet to return.

Ye Wangchuan was the only one home.

After Qiao Nian returned.

The man on the sofa got up and came over. He brought her a pair of slippers and handed them over. “Back so soon?”

Qiao Nian changed into her shoes and walked in. She looked lazy and didn’t hide it from him. “I went downstairs to see Qi Yan. I have nothing to say to her, so there’s no need to waste time.”

She walked to the fridge and opened the door. She took out a bottle of ice water and unscrewed the cap. Her black bangs fell over her eyebrows. The girl’s eyes were lowered, and Ye Wangchuan couldn’t tell what she was thinking. However, he knew that Qiao Nian was in a bad mood.

He walked over and snatched the ice water from the girl’s hand. He poured her a fresh cup and handed it over. “Your period’s coming. Drink something hot before you get another stomachache.”

Qiao Nian was a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner herself, but she needed to take medicine to treat her period pain.

Qiao Nian was too lazy. Putting aside the fact that she had to brew medicine for herself every month and nurse herself back to health for two to three years, she had completely cured this old illness.

Even if someone else helped her brew the medicine, she might not be able to drink it on time.

After all, she was busy all day long. Once she got busy, she would even forget to eat, not to mention take some herbal medicine.

Hence, every month, Qiao Nian would have a stomachache for half a day after her period. During that half a day, she basically had to rely on eating medicine to resolve it.

However, the effects of the drug were limited. Even though Qiao Nian had taken painkillers, she couldn’t do anything for a long time. She could only lie on the sofa and wait.

The iced water was taken away, and the man stuffed a cup of warm water into her hand. Qiao Nian was stunned for a moment, but after that, she didn’t say anything. She obediently held the mug and lowered her head to take a sip of water.

Drinking hot water in this season was undoubtedly a form of mental and physical torture. After drinking it, Qiao Nian’s bad temper decreased significantly.

Hugging her glass of water, she headed for the sofa.

Ye Wangchuan also fetched himself a glass of water and walked back with her.

Then, seeing that the girl didn’t want to talk, he curled up on the sofa and laughed. “What did Qi Yan say to you?”

He paused. His handsome face looked lazy and noble, but his eyes were extremely sharp. “Did she say something that’s courting death again?”

Qiao Nian moved slowly, shaking her head lazily. “No.”

Ye Wangchuan raised an eyebrow. “No?”

Qiao Nian raised her eyes and looked at him with her dark pupils. The emotions in her eyes were quite restrained. “She admitted that Jiang Li’s incident had nothing to do with Qi Lanyin. It was all her doing. She asked me to forgive her and the Qi family. She also said that the Qi family and she already paid the price and Jiang Li is fine. She asked me to forgive people wherever possible and not be too ruthless…”

Ye Wangchuan’s smile faded. He probably understood why Qiao Nian was in a bad mood after coming back.

Qi Yan was quite thick-skinned.

She could actually say that with conviction.

He looked at the girl. “What did you tell her?” he asked, his voice low and teasing.

Qiao Nian let out an “ah” and said nonchalantly, “I told her that if she said another word, I would make the Qi family disappear with her. Then, I left. She didn’t stop me.”

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