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Chapter 161: You Played the Electronic Piano Last Time

This damn girl!

Even though Qiao Weimin was furious, he had to hide his anger. He then continued softly, “I’ve heard that you got into some trouble recently. Netizens are scolding you because of what happened with Chen Chen’s classmate. Your grandma is close to the Tang family. If you are willing to help me, I will help you to ask the Tang family for help.”

Qiao Chen looked at him thoughtfully as she thought about his ridiculous proposal. She then said, “It’s alright, you can save this favor for Qiao Chen.”

Qiao Weimin saw that she wasn’t willing to help. But he was stopped by the security officers and could only watch as she entered the school.

He then shouted from the outside, “Nian Nian, I remembered that you loved music in the past and even played the electronic piano last time. I have a Studioblade at home. Do come over for a meal when you’re available and you can have that electronic piano!”

Qiao Nian continued walking without looking back.

She knew that the Qiao Family had a really expensive electronic piano. Qiao Weimin had bought it using his connections overseas. Qiao Chen even posted a picture of it on social media when she first got it.

However, she stopped playing it when they bought a more expensive piano.

She thought that the electronic piano was nothing compared to a real piano!

Even at this point, Qiao Weimin was still trying to bribe her using something that Qiao Chen didn’t want anymore.

He really… had high regards for her!

The first class was physical education.

It was an easy class for everyone in Class A.

This was because the physical education class was a time for the third-year students to rest. The teachers understood that they were really stressed over their education and would just gather everyone in the field to do simple exercises.

After that, they would return to the classroom. This was such that the students that needed to rest could do so, and students that needed to study could do so as well.

It was rare for Qiao Nian to be in school.

There were a lot of people hanging out at her desk.

Chen Yuan reached school around the same time as her. Hence, he heard what Qiao Weimin shouted to her.

Then, he saw Qiao Nian fiddling with her phone at her desk.

He looked at her deeply and asked, “Sister Nian, you know how to play the electronic piano?”

Shen Qingqing and Liang Bowen were there too. When they heard that, they asked as well, “Nian Nian, you like to play the electronic piano?”

Qiao Nian didn’t realize that Chen Yuan heard that. She took out her book and answered, “I’ve played it last time. It’s rare for me to play it nowadays.”

Chen Yuan remembered that his mom mentioned it before. The Qiao Family previously bought an electronic piano that cost tens of thousands of yuan. Even though Sister Nian liked it really much, Qiao Chen selfishly moved the electronic piano to her own room. This was only because she could tell that Sister Nian liked it.

When his mom bought Sister Nian an electronic piano that cost only a hundred yuan, she was thrown out of the family after the Qiao Family found out.

His mom said that Qiao Nian was really talented.

The songs that Qiao Chen learned under the guidance of the best teachers, Sister Nian could learn from an online video.

No one knew where the cheap electronic piano went. It must have been thrown out by the Qiao Family.

Chen Yuan wanted to continue. Shen Qingqing didn’t know what happened and thought that Qiao Nian was just a big fan of the electronic piano. She then started to speak excitedly. “I know someone great at the electronic piano. Her name is Chase Light, and she’s an underground artist. She’s popular, but everything about her is a mystery. She never showed herself in front of the camera!

“She’s awesome. She’s the sole producer of the songs she releases. Her fans call themselves Light Chasers.

“Many stars love her song, and your brother is a fan of her too. Some of his songs in his first album were created by her, and that’s how I knew about her. I became a fan of her since listening to her song that went viral on Youtube.”

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