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1604 Madam, The Remaining 700 Million Has Been Transferred Into Miss Qiao’s Account

“What’s wrong?” Qi Rongguang leaned over and vaguely saw the caller ID on Qi Yan’s phone. Still not knowing what had happened, he asked her in confusion, “Brother-in-law sent the message? What did he say? By the way, didn’t you ask him to help find Lanyin? Does Brother-in-law have Lanyin’s whereabouts?”

Qi Yan took a deep breath, but she was still distraught and couldn’t calm down at all.

She could only shake her head and deny it irritably. “It has nothing to do with that.”

Qi Rongguang focused on Qi Lanyin and the Qi family. Seeing that she was being vague, he became even more anxious. “You’re still hiding everything from me at a time like this! You have to tell me what happened so that I can help you. If you don’t say anything, I can only wait by the side.”

“You can’t help me with this.” Qi Yan looked him in the eye. Endless regret surged in her heart. She gritted her teeth and quickly walked past her brother to the sofa. She bent down and picked up her handbag. Without bothering to tidy herself up, she picked up her bag and said, “Brother, I’m going out for a while. Stay here and wait for my news.”

“Qi Yan!” Qi Rongguang was really angry this time.

However, Qi Yan left without looking back. Before leaving, she paused and said without looking back, “Stay here and don’t go anywhere. Wait for me to come back from the hotel. I’ll go look for Qiao Nian. If I can succeed, the Qi family’s crisis can still be resolved. If not…”

Qi Rongguang’s heart skipped a beat.

“Then the Qi family is finished this time.”

After Qi Yan finished speaking, she did not say anything else and closed the door behind her.

On the road outside Rhine Apartments.

Qi Yan didn’t dare to wait in the car. She stood under the camphor tree downstairs.

From time to time, passersby would pass by on the sidewalk. When they saw her dressed up, they could not help but glance in her direction.

Qi Yan couldn’t care less.

She was wearing a pair of stiletto heels and had been standing there for a good two hours.

At this moment, she was numb from her ankle to her calf. Blisters had even formed where her shoes rubbed against her feet. Every minute she stood here was undoubtedly a form of torture, but Qi Yan couldn’t care less. She stood upright with her handbag and waited quietly for someone to come out.

Other than pedestrians on the road, there was no one she was waiting for.

The driver couldn’t stand it.

He walked over and advised her in a low voice, “Madam, I don’t think the person you’re waiting for has come out yet. Why don’t you get in the car to wait?”

“No, I’m staying right here.” Qi Yan was concise.

Her phone rang at this moment.

Qi Yan immediately picked up the call. “Hello?”

“Madam, we have wired the remaining seven hundred million into the account you mentioned as per your instructions. Do you have any other instructions?”

Qiao Nian had asked for a billion yuan. At first, Qi Yan had only given her 300 million yuan. She had been unwilling to give the remaining 700 million yuan.

Now she had to deliver it personally.

This humiliation was practically slapping her in the face!

Qi Yan’s lips twitched bitterly. “Instructions? What other instructions can I have? That’s all for now. I’ll tell you if there’s anything else.”

The Qi family couldn’t treat one billion yuan as a small sum. With this, their family could be considered to have injured a major artery.

Even if they could successfully survive this crisis, the Qi family would never be able to recover its former glory.

They could only tuck their tails between their legs in the future.

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