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Chapter 159: Master Wang’s Tricks Were the Hardest to Outplay

Qiao Nian thought that he would leave after putting the glass of juice down. Instead, Ye Wangchuan stood there and then turned to ask her something.

“Oh right, the thing about good friends we discussed…”

The thing about good friends?

Qiao Nian didn’t get what he meant right away. When she finally processed it, she knew what he was referring to.

The last time they were at Waterside Loft, he talked about how she wasn’t calling him Brother. She wanted to give him a blow, but in the end, it was she who had read too much into it.

Qiao Nian felt uneasy all over at the thought of it. She had never been so embarrassed by someone before, but that was a really awkward moment. She had wanted so much to hide in any hole she could find.

Ye Wangchuan’s lips curled up. He watched as the girl turned uneasy with her reddened face and eyes that were directed away from him. He knew she’d recalled it.

He took out something from the bag which he’d long prepared, and then said sanguinely, “I thought about it. Since we’re ‘good friends’ and you even gave me a gift, I naturally have to return one. Otherwise, I’d be taking advantage of you.”

He enunciated the words “good friends” very clearly.

Qiao Nian felt as if she’d been hit on by him again!

The handsome man opened the box in his hand. Lying on the beautiful black box was a diamond-studded necklace.

The diamonds weren’t too huge and the design was intricate.

It didn’t look too expensive.

Just right for a gift.

But she recognized it right away. It was a necklace designed by Seven, but very much different from the bracelet Qiao Chen had flaunted. This necklace was named “Sky Full of Stars” and was in the more expensive series of Seven’s products. If she looked closely, she could see a very intricately carved initial just on the hook of the necklace.


Yuan Yongqin had shown it to her before. There was only one piece in the whole world.

As for the price.

It definitely was befitting of a unique product in the world.

The necklace she designed was being gifted to herself by someone else… Qiao Nian could feel her facial spasms acting up as the expression in her eyes got complicated

Ye Wangchuan didn’t know about her relationship with Cheng Feng Corporation. He picked up the necklace with his slender fingers and said in his low, alluring voice, “Chen Chen and I picked this out together at the mall. It isn’t expensive, and the design is beautiful. You can wear it casually.”

If Qiao Nian hadn’t recognized her own design, she might just have believed it.

Seven-figure price, how inexpensive.

He could almost get a house with that.

“No need.” The items she’d bought for them combined cost less than this necklace. She didn’t want to owe others a favor. “I was just out that day and happened to see some things I felt you guys would like. I didn’t mean anything more, so you don’t have to give me something in return.”

Ye Wangchuan just knew that she wouldn’t accept it so easily. He was prepared for this. “I only paid for half of this necklace. Chen Chen paid for the other half with the allowance he’d been saving up. You don’t like it?”

He furrowed his brows, as if a little helpless. “… I don’t think that store gives refunds.

“Chen Chen especially picked it out for you. He thought that you’d like this simple design.”

Qiao Nian thought of the little one’s disappointed expression and felt something in her temple twitch. Just as he was about to put the gift back on the case, she bit her lip and reached out. “It’s alright. I didn’t say I don’t like it, I just felt that you guys didn’t have to return me a gift.

“Give it to me.”

She could just observe them further and take note of what they liked or needed, and then just make up for the price difference in her future gifts for them.

Perhaps a man’s watch or… Qiao Nian looked at his attire—not only did he look classy in it, but he was also just like a model.

She thought about going back to the store to have a look at other outfits of a similar style and buying two more pieces for him.

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