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1575 Face Slap, Miss Qiao Won’t Let You Up

Tang Wanru was worried that Qi Yan would change her mind at the last minute and not give Jiang Xianrou the spot to go to the independent continent. She went upstairs to change her clothes and called the chauffeur. Then, she told him to drive to the hospital.

She thought that she would be able to meet Jiang Li successfully and then follow her initial plan to restrain Qiao Nian through him.

Unexpectedly, Tang Wanru was stopped before she could enter the inpatient department.

“I’m sorry, Madam. You can’t go in.” A bodyguard in black with his arms crossed blocked her way, and his tall body blocked her path like an iron tower.

Tang Wanru’s expression changed. Tightening her grip on her handbag, she frowned and said coldly, “I’m going in to see my son. Why won’t you let me in?”

“Your son?” The bodyguard in black didn’t seem to know her. He looked her up and down and looked slightly hesitant.

Tang Wanru took a deep breath and said coldly, “Jiang Li is my son.”

The bodyguard looked at her outfit again.

Before Tang Wanru left, she especially changed her clothes and put on makeup.

She had taken good care of herself. With makeup on, she looked even younger and more energetic. She didn’t look like the kind of mother whose son was lying in the hospital bed.

This was because the bodyguard did not see any worry on her face.

It felt as if Jiang Li wasn’t her son but someone she knew. She was just here to visit him fashionably and elegantly.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything and kept sizing her up, Tang Wanru frowned again and asked patiently, “Are you guys from Jiang Li’s company? How could they arrange for security without telling me beforehand and keep me out?” She took her phone out of her handbag to call Jiang Li’s agent. “I’ll call your boss and tell him.”

The bodyguard had no intention of moving away upon seeing that Tang Wanru was about to make a call. Instead, he stood rooted to the ground and said coldly, “We’re not from his company. We’re people arranged by Miss Qiao. Miss Qiao said that other than her and the doctor, no one else can go in during this period of time. It’s useless for you to call the management company. If you want to go up, you have to get Miss Qiao’s permission!”

“Who… did you say?” Tang Wanru slowly put down her phone and looked at the bodyguard in black in shock. Her face darkened. “Qiao Nian? What right does she have?”

This was the first time she had heard that a mother needed an outsider’s permission to see her son.


How ridiculous!

Tang Wanru was furious this time. She gritted her teeth and pushed the bodyguard’s hand away, wanting to barge in. “I’m Jiang Li’s biological mother. Why should I get her permission to see him? Get out of the way! It’s none of her business!”

“Madam, please show some respect!”

The bodyguard’s height and strength were obvious. How strong could a woman like Tang Wanru be? She tried to barge in several times but was stopped.

She gritted her teeth and glared. “I’m Jiang Li’s mother!”

“We don’t care about that. We only listen to orders.” The bodyguard still looked stubborn and did not give Tang Wanru any face at all. “Miss Qiao said that other than her and Young Master Jiang’s medical staff, I’m not to let anyone in for the next few days. Not even you.”

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