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1573 Too Many of Sister Nian’s Identities Were Exposed

Jiang Zongnan doubted his ears and stared at her with a burning gaze. “You mean… the remaining partner of Cheng Feng Corporation is Nian Nian?”

This was too… bizarre!

But on second thought, it all made sense.

Back when Qiao Nian had just arrived in Beijing, they had held a school promotion banquet for her. Xianrou had been unwilling to go and almost made a fool of herself.

That afternoon, many people came to attend the school promotion banquet. The first person to arrive was Yuan Yongqin, the CEO of Cheng Feng Corporation.

At that time, he wondered why she had come.

After that, more people came.

Jiang Zongnan carefully recalled the people who came that day and suddenly realized that all the top circles in Beijing had come!

And those people were only there to attend a school promotion banquet for an ordinary high school girl from Rao City.

He hadn’t given it much thought that time. He’d assumed that Ye Wangchuan had called them. Now that he thought about it, he could see that it wasn’t that at all.

The Yuan family had no dealings with the Ye family.

He had never heard that Yuan Yongqin knew Ye Wangchuan, either.

The two of them were not in the same generation and had almost no overlapping social circles.

In other words, Yuan Yongqin did not come because of Ye Wangchuan, but because of Nian Nian!

Jiang Zongnan took a deep breath but still couldn’t calm the complicated emotions surging in his chest. He simply gave up controlling his expression, and it indescribably transformed. He said, “It’s useless for you to tell me this. Do you think Nian Nian will listen to me? You can’t find her, and neither can I. She won’t listen to me or see me.”

He couldn’t even get through to Qiao Nian’s phone, let alone get her to listen to him.

Qi Yan had found the wrong person.

However, Qi Yan was very confident. “I know Qiao Nian. She’s not as cold as she looks. If you’re willing to look for her, she might listen to you.”

Tang Wanru immediately looked at him.

However, Jiang Zongnan didn’t even frown. He said indifferently, “Even if she’s willing to listen to me, I won’t look for her.”

Qi Yan frowned.

Jiang Zongnan’s voice was extremely cold. “Countess, Jiang Li is my son. He almost lost his life in an accident! Although the Jiang family doesn’t have as many connections as the Qi family, we’re not spineless. I’ll find a way to return the 300 million to you myself. As for the rest, I’ll find a lawyer and go through the legal procedures.”

300 million was not a small amount. No matter how big a company was, it might not have so much liquidity.

However, Jiang Zongnan’s attitude was neither servile nor overbearing. It was obvious that he was determined to return the money to her.

Qi Yan couldn’t smile anymore, and her expression faded. She leaned back on the sofa and changed her sincere attitude, as if she had become a different person. She said forcefully, “President Jiang, I’m only willing to discuss this with you because of Xianrou. It’s not impossible. You want to go through the legal process, right? Sure. Lanyin is involved in the crime of intentional assault. Is there no problem with Qiao Nian? Do you know how many years she will be sentenced to for kidnapping?”

Sure enough, Jiang Zongnan’s expression suddenly changed.

Only then did Qi Yan heave a sigh of relief.

She said coldly, “I don’t mind if you want to go through legal procedures. Our Qi family also knows a few internationally famous lawyers. At most, we’ll go to court. Lanyin is from Country M, so I can still apply for extradition. At that time, you’ll be the ones who suffer.”

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