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1571 Trying to Help the Qi Family

Qi Yan sat on the sofa and drank the black tea the servant poured for her. She put down the teacup and rubbed her eyebrows, then said to the man, “President Jiang, take a look at this first. I’ll wait for you to finish reading it.”

Jiang Zongnan was even more puzzled, but he still picked up the stack of papers on the table and looked at them.

Tang Wanru was beside him. She didn’t look at the documents and even chatted with Qi Yan with a smile. “Have you settled your family matters? You left in a hurry that day. I was too embarrassed to call you to ask about it…”

Qi Yan glanced at her casually and quickly hid the sarcasm in her eyes. Pretending to have a headache, she massaged her temples and sighed. “Not yet. It’s a long story.”

“What’s wrong?” Tang Wanru asked with concern. “Do you need our help…”

She had yet to finish speaking when Jiang Zongnan suddenly interrupted her. “What does the Qi family mean?”

His tone was grave and irrepressible. His tone was exceptionally rude.

“Hubby, what are you doing?” Tang Wanru was shocked and subconsciously turned her head. She even secretly elbowed the middle-aged man and threw him a look. “We’re all family. The Countess is Xianrou’s godmother. If you have anything to say, just say it properly.”

Jiang Zongnan ignored her. His refined face was filled with dark clouds. Unable to suppress his anger, he threw the document to her and said, “Take a look at it yourself.”

“What is it?” Curious, Tang Wanru grabbed the document and looked down.

Her face suddenly changed, and she couldn’t say a word.


Tang Wanru was stunned. She looked at the document in disbelief. The piece of paper she was holding happened to be the record of the Qi family’s driver transferring the money to Yao Yu.

In other words, the Qi family was related to Jiang Li’s ‘accident’!

Tang Wanru didn’t dare to continue reading. She was afraid that if she did, it would implicate more things… However, Xianrou had just entered the Pharmacy Association, and they still needed Qi Yan’s help.

Once this was exposed, would Xianrou’s trip to the independent continent still count?

Tang Wanru was thinking about Jiang Xianrou and didn’t even think about Jiang Li.

Her expression changed again and again. Her hold on the document tightened and she breathed heavily. She forced out a sentence to break the tense atmosphere in the living room. “This should be fake, right? How did the Qi family… get involved in Jiang Li’s accident? Who gave you this? Qiao Nian?”

At the thought of this, Tang Wanru frowned and relaxed. She heaved a sigh of relief, her chest still tight. “Qiao Nian is used to doing these things. You can’t take what she gives you seriously!”

Tang Wanru was defending the Qi family the entire time. She just wanted to pull the Qi family and Qi Yan out of Jiang Li’s ‘accident’ as soon as possible.

Qi Yan had no intention of cooperating with her. She looked right at Jiang Zongnan and said with sincerity, “President Jiang, I was wrong in this matter. I didn’t educate my child well enough to let Lanyin do such a thing. I’ll definitely teach her a lesson later. But I have something to ask of you. Can you tell Qiao Nian to release Lanyin first?”

Jiang Zongnan’s face was tense the entire time, and his expression was cold.

Hearing this, he was surprised and looked at Qi Yan. “What did you say? Nian Nian?”

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