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1569 Nian Nian, Are You Going to the Independent Continent?

Qiao Nian didn’t read any of this. After she finished following everyone in Class A’s group chat, she quietly logged out of Weibo and didn’t read the rest.

Nie Mi called her at this time.


Qiao Nian’s voice was rather hoarse, mainly because she hadn’t rested well in the past few days. She was very tired.

She might not have picked up the call if it was someone else calling.

“Nian Nian, were you asleep?” Nie Mi’s voice was as strong as ever, but it was very gentle. He was obviously concerned about her.

Qiao Nian casually closed her laptop and walked towards the bed, grabbing a book from the bookshelf.

She put the phone to her ear and slowly answered, “No. I was about to go to bed.”


Qiao Nian placed the book on the bedside table, turned on the bedside lamp, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I do have something for you.”

Nie Mi knew that she had been busy recently, so he didn’t waste any time. He briefly explained why he was looking for her. Finally, he asked, “So, are you interested?”

Qiao Nian held her phone in one hand and stood rooted to the ground. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Instead of answering him immediately, she asked in a low and hoarse voice, “You want me to go to the independent continent to participate in the annual exchange?”

She had never expected Nie Mi to look for her about this.

How should she put it?

It was quite unexpected.

Qiao Nian’s eyes rippled with mockery.

Jiang Xianrou tried her best to go to the independent continent and even tried to please Qi Yan. She wanted to use the Qi family’s power to obtain a spot in the Pharmacy Association… However, she didn’t know that the Pharmacy Association wasn’t the only one that had a spot in the independent continent. There were also spots in the country.

Moreover, the Pharmacy Association only had one slot.

But at least it had a reputation!

It wasn’t like what Jiang Xianrou and Tang Wanru thought. Only overseas countries had such opportunities.

“Are you going?”

Nie Mi was worried that she would miss this good opportunity, so he added, “Master Cheng, Principal Liang, and I have discussed this for a long time and decided to give this spot to you. You’re the best among the younger generation in the country. This trip to the independent continent is a good opportunity to show off. We have also thought about others, but I have decided that you are more suitable to represent the country.”

Liang Conglin and Nie Mi had actually considered Jiang Xianrou at the beginning.

Firstly, she was a few years older than Qiao Nian and had more experience.

Secondly, her brother, Jiang Yao, was from Tian Chen. Tian Chen was one of the top forces in the illegal district and was also quite famous in the independent continent.

Putting these two points together, although Jiang Xianrou’s character was not good, she was indeed a more suitable candidate.

Qiao Nian… was only a freshman!

Nie Mi was worried that she would attract too much attention and cause unnecessary trouble.

Only, plans fell short of change.

They didn’t expect Jiang Xianrou to successfully climb up the ranks and enter the Pharmacy Association. Now, she was relying on the Association to get a spot in the independent continent.

If they went to look for Jiang Xianrou at this time, it would seem like they couldn’t keep her in the country. They would be courting death!

There was another very important reason. Master Cheng didn’t think that Jiang Xianrou would go to the independent continent on the country’s behalf.

It was said that her personality was too ostentatious and she couldn’t keep her composure. She was too proud and complacent… Jiang Xianrou might cause trouble if she went to the independent continent.

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