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[Jiang Tingting: Where is it? Weibo? Ah, Sister Nian posted on Weibo? I thought she had forgotten that she had a Weibo account. I’ll go take a look now. Everyone, wait for me to come back and discuss it~]

[Shen Qingqing: Σ `O′ Σ Ow~~ I also want to be on Sister Nian’s following list.]

[Liang Bowen: +1]

[Shen Qingqing: …]

[Jiang Tingting: +2]

[Pei Ying: +3]

There was a series of names at the bottom, all from the old Class A.

Qiao Nian saw that the group was flooded with messages. All sorts of +5, +6… +19, +28.

She pursed her lips and silently bubbled in the group.

[QN: Send your Weibo accounts here.]

In the Class A group chat of First High School, everyone was in a frenzy. Everyone was dumbfounded when Qiao Nian appeared.

No one in the group spoke for a full two minutes.

Liang Bowen was the first to react.

[Liang Bowen: Sister Nian, you’re here?]

His message was followed by a sweating emoticon.

Jiang Tingting had always been a straightforward person. Before Qiao Nian could reply, she posted her Weibo account in the group.

[Jiang Tingting: Sister Nian, this is my Weibo account.]

[Jiang Tingting: Remember to double click and follow me!]

With someone taking the lead, the people at the back had the cheek to post their Weibo accounts in the group chat as well.

Qiao Nian gave them a cursory glance. There were about 30 of them. She needed to find them one by one.

Qiao Nian couldn’t help but feel a headache coming on. She regretted sending that message.

If she’d known there would be so many people, she wouldn’t have said that.

Indeed, it was risky. She made a silent note to be more cautious in the future.

However, she always kept her word. Qiao Nian leaned against the desk patiently. According to the Weibo accounts that everyone in the group had posted, she followed them one by one.

Zhui Guang Following List +1.

Zhui Guang Following List +2.

In just 10 minutes, Qiao Nian’s following list, which originally only had two people, instantly increased to more than 30. Her fans even thought that they had accidentally followed the God’s fake account.

After the fans on Weibo confirmed that they had not made a mistake, the atmosphere was no less lively than the Class A group chat of First High School.

“Damn, what’s wrong with the big shot today? She’s so active that she doesn’t seem like herself.”

“I went to look at the accounts that the God followed just now. They seem to be all students from Class A of Rao City’s First High School. Boohoo, let’s not talk about it anymore. I’m impressed. I want to be in the same class as the big shot.”

“Am I the only one who’s been warmed up!”

“Hehehe, as long as my hand speed is fast enough, God Qiao’s classmates will be my classmates! Everyone, pay attention to them. I hope you can send more photos of my God. It’s best to send your WeChat as well. You can also send your phone number if you don’t have a WeChat account.”

Qiao Nian had always been popular.

She was the kind of special existence who was not in the entertainment industry but was definitely not inferior to any popular celebrity.

She didn’t usually operate like a celebrity.

Zhui Guang was the kind that did not come online for 10 days or half a month.

It was already very rare for her to say something in half a year.

Hence, many fans wanted to set off firecrackers to celebrate when Qiao Nian went online on Weibo this time.

Several trending topics related to her appeared on the trending list.

In particular, Wen Ruxia’s promotional video for the Winter Games’ forwarding reached the six digits. The number of shares and likes was still rising.

The topic of #Winter Games also jumped to the top of the trending searches.

Attention was high.

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