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1558 I Can Do Whatever I Say!

Was it Qi Rongguang?

Jiang Zongnan paused and waited for the call to end.

At this moment, Qi Yan had no heart to care about anyone else. Her mind was filled with Qiao Nian’s threatening words. Her heart tightened. When she heard Qi Rongguang’s words on the other end of the phone, she suddenly placed her hand on the table and stood up. “Are you talking about Lanyin…”

They all looked at her, startled.

Qi Yan’s expression changed, and she did not look at others. “You said that Lanyin was kidnapped?!”

Everyone at the table turned to her in astonishment.

Shen Jingyan’s mind buzzed as an alarm sounded in his head. His tense face changed as he was shocked.

Lanyin… Could it be Qi Lanyin?

He recalled that Qiao Nian had just said something about Qi Lanyin and then Qi Yan received such a call.

Cold sweat broke out on his back. There was only one thought in his mind—Qiao Nian had done it!

He thought of the Qi family and the power behind Qi Yan. He felt a lingering fear. He couldn’t believe that Qiao Nian was so arrogant.

That was the Qi family!

Even if she was not afraid of the Qi family, what about the royal family of Country M behind Qi Yan?

What about the ties between the royal family and the illegal district?

… Didn’t she know fear?!

She dared to challenge the entire Qi family and the forces behind them!

Madness. What madness!

Qiao Nian was a lunatic!

Qi Yan was still on the phone.

Outsiders couldn’t hear what Qi Rongguang was saying on the other end of the phone, but she heard it clearly.

“I received a note from a stranger this morning. It said that they had taken Lanyin away. I quickly called home and asked them to look for Lanyin. As expected, she wasn’t at home. I sent someone to look for her usual favorite place, but they couldn’t find her. I couldn’t get through to her phone, and now her cell phone’s location has disappeared. I can’t even pinpoint her location with the Qi family’s satellite system.

“She was kidnapped!

“The other party’s so arrogant. Arrogant in every way. He clearly doesn’t think much of us.”

Qi Rongguang’s tone was solemn as he said, “The only clue we have now is that piece of paper. I’ve taken a good look at it. I noticed a Mandala flower mark at the corner. Do you think it’s that organization…

“Black Mandala.”

The Black Mandara was a killer alliance. In the early years, it was very famous in the illegal district. Later on, it suddenly disappeared.

There was no news in years.

This situation was the same as the Red Alliance back then. The Red Alliance had also disappeared for a period of time, but as Sun frequently appeared on the black net, the Red Alliance became active again.

And the Black Mandara organization was even more mysterious than the Red Alliance. It had been gone for a long, long time. Many people had only heard legends about it.

Qi Yan originally thought that it was done by the Bright Gate. After all, the Red Alliance was a hacker organization and did not do anything like kidnapping and killing.

Although she was worried at first, she didn’t expect Qiao Nian to be able to do anything to Qi Lanyin immediately. She even planned to arrange for a few more bodyguards to protect her.

She didn’t expect… Qiao Nian to be able to do what she said.

And she even brought up the legendary killer alliance.

They were even more efficient at killing and robbing than she was.

How provocative!

Qiao Nian was too arrogant!

Qi Yan even thought that if Qiao Nian was in front of her right now, she would definitely want to eat her flesh and drink her blood.

“Brother, don’t worry. I’ll be right back!”

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